Your shirt is closer to your body. How to buy a men’s shirt correctly

What styles of men’s shirts exist and how to choose a universal one? This question is asked by both men and women, wanting to give their chosen one a men’s shirt or pick it up for themselves under the image in the «oversize» style.

A modern stylish look is never complete without a well-chosen white shirt. A model of a men’s shirt can become the missing piece of the «puzzle», complementing and combining wardrobe items with each other, or it can even break a set of clothes into its component parts.

A style that is perfect for almost all the representatives of the stronger sex — fitted men’s shirts. This type of shirt is always a key and self-sufficient accent in the image and fits all models of trousers and jeans. But the selection of this model should be approached with special care: the shirt should not have folds in the chest area, and also fall out of the belt if you plan to wear the shirt for dressing. The model emphasizes the silhouette and the line of the back, so men with a thin or athletic build look especially impressive in these shirts.

Loose or straight shirts should be chosen to complement looks with a jacket, trench coat or men’s cardigan, or worn tucked into trousers. With such a combination of wardrobe elements, an image with a loose men’s shirt will not look outdated. This style of short and long sleeve shirts is great for men with different body types, but on a thin body without a jacket can create a baggy effect.

«Casual» shirts or shirts with a straight bottom are most often combined with jeans, trousers, without weighing down the image with additional elements. The most daring men complement straight-bottomed shirts with denim shorts or trouser-style shorts. Such a model should be worn loose, since when dressing under trousers, the bottom of the shirt most often puffs up, making the bow unfinished. Shirts «casual» do not weigh down the top and perfectly lengthen the line of the legs.

And the last style of shirts — shirts with a rounded bottom. This type of men’s shirt is specifically designed to be tucked under pants, which is why the back of the shirt is longer than the front. At the same time, images with this shirt are most often complemented by a rough jacket and loafers. The model does not hinder movement, so that the owner can feel as comfortable as possible.

A little advice: it is much more convenient and profitable to buy a shirt that suits you in an online store, especially during the seasons of sales and promotions. Be stylish!

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