What shoes to wear for a woman 50 years old: the most stylish models

We believe that shoes have no age. If you are comfortable in trendy sneakers with youth inscriptions, wear them with pleasure! But if you are lost in modern trends and do not know which of them women over 50 should wear, our review will help you.


In the fall-winter 2022-2023 trend, loafers with thick soles. If your legs get tired by the end of the day, choose lightweight soles made of TPE and polyurethane: even with a large thickness, they remain light.

Comfortable and lightweight loafers are what women over 50 wear, because they already know what they want from their shoes and how they see their style. Choose models genuine leather with leather liningso that the legs breathe and swell less from the heat.

Tip: choose models with a natural top and lining with light soles so that your feet do not get tired and swell less.


Basic models are always in trend. Monochromatic sneakers with a flat thickened sole are what a woman of 50+ can wear jeans with. Balance wide jeans silhouettes shoes with protruding weltsand tight and cropped jeans can be worn with retro midsole sneakers.

Leather sneakers are not sports, but truly versatile shoes for every day. So, black sneakers with thick soles and wide trousers with a high waist are the solution to the problem of what to wear with a leather jacket for a woman over 50. Grunge and rock things can seem too youthful, so they should be supplemented with more elegant models of laconic design, for example, wide trousers instead of jeans and a silk top instead of a T-shirt.

Tip: Choose leather sneakers with a minimalist design and medium or thick soles.


Can a woman over 50 wear stilettos? Of course, yes, if you feel comfortable on them. But if high heels aren’t for you, opt for shoes with a more stable column heel. Height up to 7 centimeters with a wide heel shapewill be exactly what women over 50 wear as comfortably as possible.

Besides wide heel is harmonious for +size figures: it creates a visually complete support for the body. Thin stilettos can make a figure heavy, while a wide heel, on the contrary, is slimming.

Tip: choose a column heel up to 7 centimeters high or a school heel up to 4 centimeters.

Oxfords and derby

English classics are what all stylists recommend for women over 50. We are no exception: sure, lace-up low shoes look great with both trouser suits and straight midi length dresses. Blue jeans and a white shirt look stylish with black brogues (shoes with a pattern of small holes). With brogues and jeans, the image for a woman 50+ is more elegant than with sneakers.

Tip: Choose lace-up shoes if you have a high or low instep. The lacing will allow you to change the fit for you, as well as change it during the day if your feet are swollen.

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