We buy underwear online — how not to make a mistake in choosing.

It’s no secret that the online shopping market is growing every day. With the pandemic, we are used to ordering food, groceries, household goods and clothes online. And, if everything is simple with the first points, then what about clothes, and especially underwear? How not to make a mistake in choosing?

The advantage of online shopping is that there is no need to go to different malls and boutiques, which is a great time saver. It is also the largest selection of all kinds of styles, sizes and prices that we can imagine. For example, finding lingerie with a small or large cup is already a problem offline, or you liked a model, but there is no size you need… And where else can you find good lingerie with a 75% discount, if not online? Cons — you can not try on and touch the material. Although now in many online stores, and even more so on marketplaces, it is possible to evaluate the product at the point of issue, try it on, feel it and make a final decision — therefore, this «minus» is conditional.

Online purchase algorithm:

  1. Decide where to order. Choose an online store or marketplace. If you want to have a choice, find the best offer and everything in one place, definitely make a choice in favor of the marketplace.
  2. We clarify the conditions. Check if you can return your bra or set if it doesn’t fit. According to the law of the Russian Federation, underwear cannot be exchanged or returned. This is one of the main reasons for the fear of buying underwear online and, unfortunately, a loophole for unscrupulous sellers. There is an important amendment — linen purchased online is subject to return, the deadline is set by the seller. For our part, we can only note that, for example, Wildberries gives its customers the opportunity to try on and return within 21 days. It is important that lingerie is an intimate part of our wardrobe, try it on, if necessary, and only on your own lingerie.
  3. Choosing a bra / set of underwear. Focus on the size chart of the selected brand, your usual size in different brands and shapes may sit in different ways. Look at reviews on how a particular model sits, read reviews. If you always wear 75V, this does not mean that you need to immediately throw 75V into the basket without looking at the size grid. In addition, we tend to lose weight / get better, this can also play a significant role. If you are in doubt about the size — take measurements — bust, under bust, waist and hips and check with the manager / brand representative for the appropriate size based on the measurements taken. Thus, you minimize risks and save time.

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