Stylish men’s t-shirts — how to choose the right model?


Classic T-shirts are popular with both sexes, but they are in special demand among the strong half of humanity, as they are a wardrobe item for any occasion. Men’s t-shirts are something that you can’t do without in the summer in the heat or in training. The main features of this type of clothing are convenience, practicality and comfort to wear. Modern men’s T-shirt — suggests an abundance of models: from plain «classics» to products with a creative design for real fashionistas. When choosing, it is very important to focus not only on the cost and a beautiful picture. One well-chosen and high-quality item will bring more pleasure and last longer than many cheap t-shirts. To choose the model that suits you, you need to consider several important criteria:

Color. A plain white T-shirt is a must have for a man of any age. This is a versatile option that will look equally appropriate on a walk with a dog, a morning run and a romantic date. A white t-shirt is a basic piece of clothing that goes well with any casual outfit. This color reflects the sun’s rays, so in the heat a person sweats less. A shirt over a T-shirt of this shade looks very advantageous. She creates a stylish look for every day. An important requirement: the T-shirt must be worn with a casual shirt, office clothes are inappropriate here. Another basic option is a black men’s T-shirt. It is suitable for cool weather, as on a sunny day it will be hot in it. Often dark T-shirts for men are produced with drawings, because on the basis of this color you can create original models with a “brutal design”. A black t-shirt under a shirt looks very good. Gray, blue and olive men’s t-shirts are versatile as they go well with other tones. Dark colors are less easily soiled, while light colors attract more attention. The MONSENOR brand catalog contains the most popular colors: Black, White, Olive and rich Navy blue.

The size. Men’s T-shirts look good only when they fit perfectly on their owner. Poorly tailored product will spoil the whole image. If you want to buy a stylish men’s t-shirt online, use the size chart. Measure your height, chest circumference, select the desired length of the product and select the model. You can take measurements from your favorite home T-shirt that feels light and free, and compare the results with the store table. If in doubt, choose a slightly larger size. On the page of our brand MONSENOR for each product there is a size chart for your convenience.

Style. The most standard white T-shirt comes in many different styles. There are long, short, loose, tight products, options with or without a collar. It is important to choose a model that looks good on you. The basic option is a white T-shirt with short sleeves and a round or V-neck. Men’s fashionable polo shirts look very presentable. Their main feature is a small collar and 2-3 buttons fastened on the chest. These stylish T-shirts are suitable for all men, because they look solid and at the same time at ease.

Material. The best material for any trendy T-shirt for men is cotton. The fabric is breathable, breathable, soft and durable. An important advantage of these T-shirts is that they can withstand many washes. A shirt with a cotton T-shirt is a great choice, because in any weather it will not be hot. MONSENOR T-shirts are made from premium Turkish cotton and contain 5% elastane, which allows the product to stretch with high strength and wear resistance, as well as emphasize the figure well.


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