Soft and comfortable: how to choose the right baby clothes for sleep


Previously, we have already given detailed recommendations on how to choose bed linen and a pillow for a child so that nothing interferes with his sleep. Today we will figure out how to find comfortable clothes for sleeping.

Even though pajamas for each specific age should be different, there are still a few rules that apply to any children’s sleepwear. So, comfortable children’s pajamas:

  • Sewn from hypoallergenic natural materials, which should contain no more than 5% synthetics;
  • Easy to care for, the fabric washes well;
  • When washing does not shed, does not stretch and does not shrink;
  • It should be without tight elastic bands and various overhead parts — bows, buttons, laces.
  • With a free neck, but at the same time not such that the pajamas slipped onto the shoulders of the baby;
  • Must match the size of the child.

Sleepwear for babies from birth to 1 year

It is most difficult for the smallest to choose clothes, because the child cannot yet tell you that, for example, he is not very comfortable in them. And since at this age babies sleep 18 hours a day, the clothes in which they spend all the time should be as comfortable as possible.


These are children’s overalls that are made from natural fabrics. It is important that in such models there are absolutely no extra seams and unnecessary elastic bands. There are slips with closed and open legs, as well as with folding cuffs. If the baby unfolds during sleep, then the slip will maintain a comfortable temperature and the baby will not freeze. The most important thing to pay attention to when choosing a slip is the fastener. Choose the option where the buttons go from the neck to the heels. This slip will be easy to remove and put on if you need to change the diaper.


The bodysuit is a jumpsuit with short sleeves and open legs. It fastens between the legs and differs from an ordinary T-shirt in that it does not ride up when the baby tosses and turns (and this often happens in a dream). For the warm season, the bodysuit is the very thing! When choosing a bodysuit, pay attention to those models that have an overlap or fasteners on the shoulders, as well as along the entire length. Give preference to these options.

Sleep envelope

In appearance, the sleeping bag looks like a bag. And such clothes for sleeping can have two purposes — either to use the envelope as independent clothes or instead of a blanket. You can take this accessory with you on a trip or visit, creating a familiar and comfortable environment for your baby to sleep.

Sleepwear for children over 1.5 years old

At this age, it may already be uncomfortable for a baby to sleep in bodysuits and slips, so you should pay attention to simple models of pajamas or nightgowns.

Pajamas for boys

Choose options with your favorite cartoon characters, dinosaurs or cars. After all, it is very important that the child wants to put on the thing they like, especially to spend the whole night in it.

Pajamas for girls

Little princesses will surely love pajamas in pink, with princesses or just in delicate colors.

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