Note to moms: what should be the right children’s cosmetics


Baby skin features

Cosmetics intersect with at least three important functions of children’s skin. Random cosmetics are not suitable for her care, because they may contain components harmful to the baby.

Let’s consider these functions in more detail.


The protective function of children’s skin is less pronounced than that of an adult. There are several reasons for this: thin epidermis, which is weakly connected with the dermis, weak local immunity, neutral acid-base balance and insufficient lipid layer.

This means that substances from the environment, penetrating through the skin, easily enter the child’s body. That is, if chemicals are included in the composition of the baby care product, they will certainly enter the body of the crumbs.


Respiratory function, on the contrary, is very well developed. To maintain it, it is important to monitor the cleanliness of the skin and exclude creams and ointments that create a dense film on the surface of the skin.


This function is also called «suction». In babies, it is well developed. Components from cosmetics, penetrating through the vascular network, quickly end up in the child’s body.

The logical conclusion from the above is that everything that we apply to the delicate skin of a child works not only on the surface of the body.

Which care to choose

It is imperative that baby care cosmetics:

— did not contain petrochemical products and aggressive surfactants;

— had a calm, not sharp aroma;

— It was easily felt on the skin and did not interfere with skin breathing.

These requirements are met by the children’s line «Chereda» from the Russian trademark Levrana.

The compositions of all products are absolutely natural, they can be used from birth without fear for the health of the crumbs.

· Cosmetics are not tested on animals.

· Getting into sewage, does not pollute the environment.

Bathing products

Shampoo without tears

Does not sting eyes, suitable for daily use. The shampoo can also be used as a bath foam.

Certified by ECOCERT according to the COSMOS NATURAL standard.

Active ingredients:

Aloe vera juice.

soy proteins

Extracts: succession, nettle, medicinal calendula.

Foam for intimate hygiene

Carefully selected soft ingredients delicately normalize the microflora, maintaining the natural pH level. Free of parabens, soap, dyes & ethanol.

Certified by ECOCERT according to the COSMOS NATURAL standard.

Active ingredients:

· Aloe vera gel.

· Organic jojoba oil.

Organic rye enzymes.

· Extracts: succession, yarrow, St. John’s wort, chamomile, calendula and linden.

· Lactic acid.


Diaper cream

The cream prevents the appearance of diaper rash and irritation due to the content of zinc in the composition. It slightly dries the skin, keeping the baby feeling comfortable.

Active ingredients:

Oils: almond, olive, flax, shea, jojoba.

· Extracts: succession, yarrow, chamomile, St. John’s wort, calendula and linden.

Zinc oxide.

· Lactic acid.

Vitamin E.

oral care

Toothpaste «Series with natural taste

The paste contains the amino acid L-arginine. Penetrating into tooth enamel, it fills the channels of exposed dentin and reduces tooth hypersensitivity.

It has no strong taste, does not contain fluoride and is safe if accidentally swallowed.

Suitable for use from the first teeth.

Active ingredients:

· L-arginine.

· Hydroxyapatite.

· Extracts: succession, raspberries, magnolias.


Effectively cleans, removes plaque where the brush does not reach, helps in the prevention of caries. Keeps teeth and gums healthy. Does not contain sugar and alcohol, has a pleasant berry flavor.

Active ingredients:

· Sorbent of natural origin.

Blueberry extract.

Peppermint essential oil.

The high quality of products is due to the fact that they were made primarily for themselves, for their children, and therefore with love. The creators of Levrana cosmetics have three children and, of course, from birth, the line «Series» provides care for them.

Once you try natural cosmetics «Series» from Levrana, you will understand that natural is the best and the only thing you need!


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