How to take care of baby fleece blankets?


How to take care of baby fleece blankets?

Our fleece blankets are mega soft and fluffy, their amazing delicate colors and fabulously cute design will not leave any child indifferent!

What is their advantage?

This material has many advantages and the main one is that fleece retains heat very well. After all, it has pile on both sides, between which there are air pockets that can retain heat.

How to care?

This item can be washed by hand or in the washing machine. The most important thing is that the water temperature does not exceed 40 ° C, and the spin cycle is carried out at minimum speed. Also, do not add any products with a high chlorine content when washing, especially if you have a light-colored blanket. Because fleece fibers, when interacting with this chemical element, become yellow and hard.

To preserve the original appearance of the blanket, it is necessary to use special, gentle detergents for washing, which are designed for delicate fabrics.

Plaid is a cool gift!

This is truly a wonderful and useful gift for any occasion. The blanket is mega warm, soft and fluffy. Thanks to its coloring, it can be presented to both a boy and a girl.

Order a gentle and beautiful plaid! With it, the child will be warm and comfortable!


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