Summer is the season of the most beautiful, bright and memorable outfits. With the help of online shopping, you can easily choose the style of a summer dress not only according to your figure, but even according to your mood! The girl faces several important dilemmas:

  • how not to go broke on outfits;
  • how to choose a dress that will delight throughout the season;
  • how to choose an outfit that will be 100% appropriate.

The task is not easy, but the Dresses brand team has found a great solution. We invite you to collect several images with just one dress! The find of this season was a dress from our new collection of Dresses under the article 77467898. It turned out that the style of this dress is so versatile that it can be used to combine several original looks. In addition, the dress for the summer has a wide size range — you can find «your» dress in sizes from 46 to 54. We tell you how to most effectively wear this model in the summer of 2022.

Dress and jumper, leather jacket or denim jacket

Combining the top with this summer women’s dress, you can easily put together an outfit for working in the office, walking around the city, or relaxing on the beach. The model will look appropriate in any situation. The main thing is to feel the measure in the combination of colors and not go too far with their layering. Remember that the dress itself already combines two incredible colors — white and blue!

Dress with dress shirt

This combination will create an easy and stylish look for every day. Due to the texture and the choice of actual colors, the image will turn out to be fresh and airy.

Dress with jacket

The successful style of Summer Dresses is ideal for creating classic looks. By matching the dress with a plain jacket “from a man’s shoulder” in dark colors, you can put together a stylish and memorable look for a romantic walk on a warm summer evening.

What else to wear?

Remember, any image will sparkle with new colors if you choose the right shoes. Elegant and graceful — classic pumps and shoes with thin stilettos, carelessly and liberated — platform sandals or wide heels, comfortable and casual — mules, sneakers, ballet flats. Choose your option according to the situation and mood.

What else can be added to the image?

Let’s not forget about the trendy accessories of this summer: jewelry with pearls and shells, wood and stones, simple shapes, color combinations that are found in nature, accessories with a reference to the past. This season, a special attitude and love for details returns — be sure to take it into service!

Treat yourself to a new feminine dress. Click on the product card and go to the store of the Belarusian clothing brand Dresses!

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