How to draw pictures by numbers correctly: 5 important tips!


In this article, we will give tips on how to paint pictures by numbers correctly. BUT for novice artists, this will be useful tips.

Tip number 1.

With our paintings by numbers water based acrylic paints. Their colors are very saturated, so the finished paintings are clear and colorful. All acrylic paints are quick-drying, so open only the ones you need at the moment. When using the jar for the first time, the paint must be thoroughly mixed. Stir it with a toothpick or match (not a brush!). Check the consistency of the paint.

How can an inexperienced artist understand that the paint is not the right consistency? The following test can be carried out: — Thoroughly stir the paint with a toothpick and carefully remove it; — A small drop should fall from the toothpick. If it retains its shape for a long time, then the paint is too thick.

If the paint has thickened a little, it can be diluted with water as follows: put 1-2 drops of water into the jar, stir and leave for 5-10 minutes.

If the paint is liquidish and after staining the sector a dark spot remains, then you can “dry” the paint a little by leaving the jar open for 20-30 minutes. The consistency of the paint will become thicker and it will lie on the canvas without streaks.

Always close acrylic paint jars tightly so that air does not get inside, first cleaning the edges of dried excess.

Tip number 2.

Take care of the brushes! Starting the creative process, fill a glass to rinse the brushes. You will also need cotton pads or wet wipes to dry them. In our sets of 2 brushes. All accessories for painting with paints that are included in the kit are of very high quality and serve well when creating a masterpiece. Hold the brush like a normal pen.

The main requirements for careful care of brushes so that the brush lasts a long time: — After drawing, you need to blot the brush in warm water, lather with non-aggressive soap (baby soap is best) and dry with napkins; — Give the initial shape to the brush with your fingers; — Do not leave the brush in the water; — Do not clean the brush with aggressive products; — Do not dry the brush with any heating devices.

Tip number 3.

How to fix defects on the canvas for paintings by numbers, such as dents, dents, bulges and other irregularities in the canvas stretched on a stretcher? There is a solution, it is quite simple and very effective! Wet some water on the raised areas on the canvas, on the reverse side, where there is no paint. When the canvas dries, the dents will disappear and the painting will return to its original appearance, and the canvas will become perfectly even. This spraying method is good to apply to our canvases on stretchers, which initially had the correct even appearance, but changed their shape during transportation under various mechanical influences.

Tip #4

Drawing order: You can draw a picture using the «line by line» method: from the bottom edge of the picture to the top or vice versa. This is convenient if there are many large areas in the picture. You can paint a picture using the method from the background to the foreground, when the background (sky, clouds) is first painted over, and then small details (leaves, for example). You can paint a picture using the method from light to dark: first paint over areas with light colors, and then darker and darker. The picture in this technique looks neater, since the dark paint lies very clearly on the border with the light one. And if you put the opposite, light paint at the end, after the dark one, then the borders turn out to be blurred.

Tip #5

As in art galleries, you need to look at the finished painting and evaluate it from a distance of 2-3 meters!

We hope that you will experience a lot of pleasure from the process of drawing and be proud of the result of your work!

Good luck coloring and shopping!


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