The right size is an important condition for wearing maternity and nursing underwear to be really comfortable and effective.

The most common mistakes when buying underwear:

1. A woman chooses a special bra or bandage, focusing on her usual parameters. During pregnancy, the bones of the pelvis diverge, the chest becomes slightly wider, the size of the breast increases (even more significantly with the onset of lactation). Underwear that used to fit in size will almost certainly not be enough during pregnancy and the first time after childbirth.

2. Linen is purchased «with a margin.» A woman adds 1-2 sizes to her already existing parameters, taking into account the fact that her breasts and tummy will grow. But this is also a wrong decision: underwear for pregnant and lactating TM «FEST» is designed already taking into account changes in the figure of the expectant mother. It has a sufficient supply of stretch to be comfortable during all 9 months of waiting for the baby, and then after meeting him.

How to correctly determine the size?

First of all, find out the parameters of your figure that are relevant at the moment. It is important that the measuring tape is parallel to the floor during measurements.

So, what parameters do you need:

— for the selection of a bra (before or postpartum — it doesn’t matter) — the girth under the chest and the girth at the highest points of the chest;
— for the selection of prenatal bandage — girth under the abdomen. Depending on the model, maternity bandages either have a velcro / microplastic fastener or are elastic enough to “adjust” to a growing tummy. Buying a bandage «with a margin» will lead to the fact that it will not provide the necessary support;
— for the selection of a postpartum bandage — the girth of the hips in the widest part, along the protruding points of the buttocks. Having received a postpartum bandage, do not rush to conclude that it is small for you. The FEST TM models, recommended by the Russian Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, have a compression effect necessary for quick muscle recovery, so a tight fit and tightening of the abdomen is the norm.

The data obtained must be correlated with the size table indicated on the box of the product or, in the case of an order in an online store, in the section of detailed information about the product. If you are in doubt, have not figured out the manufacturer’s table, or the obtained parameters are on the border of two sizes, you can always ask a question to a company representative.

Underwear «FEST» is recommended by the Russian Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

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