It’s spring outside and the sun is getting warmer. And this means that it’s time to audit your wardrobe and put away warm winter clothes for storage until next season. There are a few rules and tips on how to properly clean up the closet. Everyone has basic pieces that you wear all year round and feel cool and comfortable in them. Excellent! We definitely leave! This will be our basic wardrobe. Carefully fold and hang, paying special attention to things on the coat hanger. Hangers should be the size of the clothes to avoid stretched collars and shoulders, as well as damaged items.

Then we divide all things into 3 categories: for storage, for repair and to give away (sell, exchange).
The first category is storage. This is where we send all the clothes that are now out of season. Outerwear, if necessary, is taken to the dry cleaners and placed in storage cases. A little advice: be sure to check, and if necessary, sew pockets with holes, put money in them of any denomination. A good omen and it will be nice to start the season with a «small find». Warm scarves, gloves and hats can be folded into storage boxes and signed «Winter». Be sure to put Sasha for clothes or fragrant soap and you will be pleasantly surprised by the result.
The second category is repair. It includes things with a torn button, spools, a broken zipper. Everything is urgently corrected and categorized — storage or active wardrobe. Tip: if your favorite clothes are rather tired, but it’s a pity to part with it, then give it a second life. You can alter it or add bright accessories.
The third category is to give (sell, exchange). Learn to part easily with those clothes that do not fit you in size, style or color, do not match your wardrobe or were presented to you without taking into account your desires and preferences. Believe me, a new one will surely replace the outgoing one. Tip: When putting together your wardrobe for the season, make a list of things you would like or need to buy. This will help you save your budget, avoid unnecessary purchases and enjoy your reflection in the mirror!

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