How to choose underwear: health, comfort, fashion


Underwear that is visible under clothes is a nightmare for every woman. Yes, in things of a free cut, such a problem does not arise. But what if a girl wants to demonstrate the dignity of her figure and chooses a tight-fitting outfit? In this case, women’s slip panties will come to the rescue. Such lingerie sits flawlessly on any figure and is not noticeable under clothes.

Benefits of panties with a corrective effect

For the manufacture of such products, the method of circular knitting on special machines is used. The edges of the linen are additionally treated with a laser. These panties have a simple and concise design, there are no decorative elements. This is explained by the fact that the main purpose of such underwear is to remain invisible. This is probably one of the most important advantages of basic underpants for women. Also, the advantages of “invisible” underpants include:

  • affordable cost;
  • do not require special care;
  • stretch well (ideal for pregnant women);
  • tighten problem areas;
  • pleasant to the touch;
  • keep their shape for a long time, do not stretch;
  • allow the skin to breathe without leaving marks on the body;
  • the material from which the panties are sewn is safe for health.

Such underwear is also suitable for women with curvaceous forms, as it creates a slimming effect, you just need to choose your size. Of course, there are lovers of lacy sexy lingerie and they are never ready to wear simple seamless women’s panties. It is important to understand that seamless panties are useful and not expensive, they are designed for home or everyday wear, but if you are going on a date, you can find more sophisticated models.

How to choose

When choosing women’s underpants, you need to consider a number of points:

  • Composition of products. Microfiber briefs are the best option. The fabric retains heat well and passes moisture. It also doesn’t wrinkle and dries quickly. With increased sensitivity of the skin, it is better to stay on cotton models. They do not cause an allergic reaction and pass air well. Synthetic models are better not to choose, because. they negatively affect the skin and can provoke irritation.
  • The size. In order not to make a mistake with the choice of size, you need to measure your waist and buttocks on an empty stomach. It is best to choose underpants according to the size chart provided by the manufacturer, because. their parameters may not correspond to standard indicators. Seamless briefs should fit exactly on the figure, not add volume in problem areas.
  • Colors. The color of the linen should match the shade of things. At the same time, white models are not always suitable for light outfits, because. in some cases stand out too brightly.

Women’s panties-slips can be purchased in different colors:

  • black (universal and practical option);
  • white (suitable for wearing under transparent things);
  • red (girls choose such panties for romantic dates);
  • nude (almost invisible on the skin, a good choice for summer outfits);
  • combined version (for connoisseurs of original models).

For those who can not decide on the color, you can purchase a set of slip-on panties in different colors. For example, the weekly underwear is offered by the Loka-Aloka brand. The set includes seven cotton panties that fit perfectly on any figure. When buying underwear, it is important to choose a trusted manufacturer. In this case, you can be 100% sure that the product is made of high quality material and is good for your health.


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