Today, you can find many articles and life hacks on how to choose the right underwear. What can be difficult here? Evaluated the design, chose the size, tried it on and that’s it. At first glance, it seems that everything is simple. But don’t jump to conclusions. We turned for advice to the head of the gynecological department, Natalya Viktorovna Klants.

Natalya Viktorovna, first of all, what should you pay attention to when choosing underwear?

They say that we women love with our ears. But when choosing underwear, alas, we buy with our eyes. Girls pay great attention to appearance and forget about the material. And then they are surprised that already in the middle of the day underwear causes itching. Especially in the summer, when it’s hot. No wonder, because synthetic fabrics do not allow air to pass through, do not allow the skin to breathe in the intimate area. This results in constant humidity. And it is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Hence the itching. It’s inflammation! What is the use of beautiful underwear if it causes suffering.

What material would you recommend?

Cotton. Only cotton. Underwear made of this fabric allows the skin to breathe, and therefore maintain normal healthy moisture in the intimate area. Recently, I have noticed that even cotton underwear causes irritation in my patients. This is how we pay for the modern high rhythm of life. Therefore, I recommend organic cotton. This material is the most useful for the body. There are several reasons for this — cotton is treated in a special way so that the resulting fabric does not cause irritation and allergies. For example, when growing, natural pest control products are used. Not chemicals, but special weeds, which are then removed. Organic cotton is harvested by hand. In this way, it helps to select exceptionally ripe inflorescences in order to create the perfect fabric.

But how to understand what kind of cotton underwear is from ordinary natural or healthy organic?

You know, in appearance it is extremely difficult to do this. I recommend paying attention to the country where the fabric or the underwear itself is produced. In Turkey, the properties of organic cotton are valued and many manufacturers sew from it. Let me summarize. If you want the most comfortable underwear, make sure it is from Turkey.

What kind of underwear to give preference for every day?

For every day, I recommend underwear with a low rise. It is this form that is most comfortable and suitable for every day. This style is called «slips». Its feature is a low waist, wide sides, a completely closed front and back. Versatile underwear. It is suitable for wearing under sports, casual, elegant clothes. It is comfortable, does not rub the skin, does not move out during wear, it does not have to be constantly corrected.

Do I need to take into account the time of year? Are underwear for winter and summer the same thing?

Good question. Much depends on a woman’s wardrobe — how warmly she dresses. But, in any case, I recommend following these universal tips. First of all, for both winter and summer — only cotton underwear. Ideally, organic cotton. She spoke about this above. The second tip is to pay attention to the density of the material. For the summer (for the hot season) it is better to choose three-thread cotton, and for autumn-winter 4-thread fiber underwear. So the skin breathes, and cotton works its best for your body.

Any last advice?

Remained delicate advice. Since we are considering such an intimate topic, it is important to highlight it. All women consider themselves clean. But, unfortunately, everyone puts something of their own into this concept. It is important not only to consider yourself clean, but also to do something for this. How often should you change your underwear? I recommend doing this 2 times a day. Yes Yes exactly. 2 times a day. This advice is especially relevant if there are sports loads or even just physical activity during the day. This will help maintain health and experience only comfortable sensations during the day.


What to look for when choosing underwear:

  • Material. Your underwear is cotton. Better yet, organic cotton.
  • Style. Slips are considered optimal for every day.
  • Stock. Try to change your underwear 2 times a day, and for this you need to have a supply

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