The most popular question of our customers is how to choose the right size?

Let’s talk!

Most often, buyers choose the size by height. As manufacturers, we recommend choosing the appropriate size child’s current heightthat is, if the height of the child is 121 cm, then you should choose size 7 for a height of 122 cm.

Premont already took care of the margin for growth, and put 4-6 cm into the product. Here it should be clarified that 4-6 cm is the average calculated value. Children grow unevenly, this is their peculiarity. This increase is calculated and evenly distributed throughout the product proportionally. Which size to choose depends on individual preferences. Someone prefers the thing to sit in size, while someone is the most loose. The choice is always yours!

Also, for each model, a size table has been developed, which is located in the photo of the product, it contains actual measurements of the product. If you have difficulty choosing, we recommend that you navigate this table.

The main thing is that all the functional features of the products are thought out in such a way that any stock will look neat. Premont I thought about this too — there are elastic bands, tightenings, fixing Velcro, etc., which will help fix the stock and make the product most comfortable!

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