How to choose the right shelf bracket size


1. Mark the position of the bracket at the required height.

2. Fix the bracket with self-tapping screws and dowels.

(It should be noted that for the convenience of attaching decorative brackets, they are made

keyhole cutout i.e. you don’t have to hold the bracket to the wall. only you

screw in the self-tapping screw and put a bracket on it through this mount, the second

you finally fix the bracket to the wall with a self-tapping screw.)

3. Attach the second bracket to the wall. Align the brackets horizontally with

level and secure the second bracket.

4. Then install the shelf. I want to note that you can install a wooden shelf with

using self-tapping screws, or glass using accessories.

5. When using standard chipboard -16mm, the distance between the brackets should not exceed 800mm.

6. The loads specified in this

presentations, refer to a pair of brackets

and observed when using

recommendations for attaching shelves to


7. The load must be distributed

throughout the shelf area.


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