First you need to take measurements with a centimeter tape. Even if you have done this recently, it is better to double-check.

✓ Chest girth — measured at the most protruding points of the chest. The tape should pass at the level of the armpits;

✓ Waist — measured around the waist. When taking measurements, do not strain your stomach, keep the measuring tape loose;

✓ Hips — measured along the protruding parts of the hips and buttocks 15-20 cm below the waist;

Measurements must be taken in underwear. The measuring tape should be in a horizontal position and fit to the body without sagging and at the same time without deforming soft tissues by tension.

The obtained measurement results must be correlated with the size table.

If the values ​​go beyond the intervals set in the table and fall into different sizes, then you need to focus on a larger size.

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