With the arrival of autumn and the approach of winter, parents especially carefully begin to select tights for their children. And since this is an everyday thing, then you need to choose comfortable and hypoallergenic tights, because most often the child spends almost all day in them. Let’s figure out together which tights to choose and how not to make a mistake in your choice.

What is the purpose of tights?

Before buying tights for your son or daughter, you should think about why and with what the child will wear them. The choice depends on the answer to these questions:

one. To keep you warm during the cold season. In this case, tights are needed to wear them under pants, jeans or trousers, so choose warm models. They will help keep your feet warm during a long walk.

2. To beautify the image. Often children perform at matinees in kindergarten or at concerts at school, and in order for the image to be bright and festive, beautiful tights are needed. In this case, models with padding or a pattern are suitable.

3. For everyday wear. For a shift in kindergarten or for everyday wear at home or at school, a child simply needs a few pairs of tights. Choose simple models, as they will have to be washed often and their wear will be quite large.

The composition of cotton tights: what to look for?

Despite the fact that today the composition of tights is quite diverse, mothers most often opt for cotton tights. Why are they good? Cotton children’s tights are very rarely made only from cotton. Most often, spandex, elastane or nylon are added to the composition. Thanks to such synthetic threads, the product becomes elastic, smooth, and most importantly, durable. You don’t have to worry, because in pantyhose the child will feel comfortable all day. Cotton tights fit the legs well, but at the same time they do not compress and do not cause discomfort, and the child in such tights looks neat and beautiful!

5 tips for choosing tights

In order not to miscalculate the choice of tights, follow these simple tips:

  1. Study the composition of the product. Be sure to make sure that the tights contain elastane, otherwise the tights will quickly lose their shape and sit down.
  2. Choose tights made from cotton or bamboo. They will not lead to allergic reactions in the child.
  3. Pay attention to the price of tights: too expensive may not meet your expectations, as marketing services are included in the high price; tights that are too cheap can tear quickly. Choose the average price level: this way you will get good tights and you can buy several pairs at once.
  4. Examine the inside seams on the tights. They should be well finished and should not rub when worn.
  5. Pay attention to the height (size) of the product. Choose tights according to the height of the child, because tights are not the right size — whether they are large or small, it doesn’t matter — it’s completely uncomfortable to walk.

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