Summer holidays are just around the corner, and children are already dreaming of new, interesting adventures. Together with the brand of children’s shoes PABLOSKY, we have prepared tips that will help you choose the right summer shoes for your fidget. In addition to the fact that you need to take into account the age of the child, and the associated features of shoes, you should also pay attention to the quality of materials, technological nuances and fashion trends.

Tip #1

In summer, choose breathable shoes made from high quality leather and with moisture-wicking inner material to keep your feet dry at all times. A good option is genuine leather shoes from PABLOSKY with a unique InTech material.

Tip #2

The distance between the toes and the toe of the shoe must be at least a centimeter. In hot weather, the leg may increase, so you should not buy shoes «back to back». In addition, you need to take into account the fullness of the child’s foot. Shoes that are narrow can cut off circulation, while shoes that are too wide will force you to use more force to balance and carry your shoes, which can cause your child to tire more quickly.

Tip #3

For toddlers who are just learning to walk, light and flexible shoes are recommended, with a sole that allows the child to receive external stimuli with each step, creating a “bare feet” feeling. Excessive protection of the feet should be avoided, because children’s shoes should not limit the mobility of the baby. A great example is Stepeasy by PABLOSKY, a line of shoes for the little ones.

Tip #4

For children, especially for teenagers, the appearance of shoes is of great importance, as well as how fashion trends are followed. The trends for the summer season 2020 are shoes with snakeskin and fish scale patterns, as well as prints with birds, shells, balloons and plants. The color scheme for girls is classic “candy shop” tones, with a predominance of silver and copper shades, diluted with aquamarine, celestial glaze and pink and lilac tones. For boys, the color palette is associated with outdoor activities. This is emphasized by such bright hues as ripe orange, green kiwi, yellow corn, as well as a blue color scheme. Decor is also important. These can be figured elements of shoes, especially vamps, various perforations of the skin, large buckles, decorative flowers, bows and beads.

Tip #5

One of the main trends this summer is fashion mixes, when you can mix colors, prints and textures. After all, unusual combinations make the images unique and unforgettable! Therefore, feel free to buy the shoes that your child will like, even if they do not fit the entire wardrobe. Sometimes making fashion mistakes is cool and a lot of fun, especially in the summer of 2020!

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