How to choose the right baby towel for a newborn?

Bathing terry towel for bathing a newborn is an essential item in a child’s wardrobe. When a baby appears in the house, a question immediately arises. What is the best towel to buy?

After bathing, you can simply throw a diaper on the child so that he warms up and does not catch a cold. Of course, this is convenient, but there is also a more convenient option — a towel with a corner in the form of a hood.

Such a bath towel for newborns has many advantages:

1.It has a large size that allows you to completely wrap the baby in the fabric;

2. Convenient hood-corner, which will reliably protect the delicate head and ears of the child from hypothermia;

3. Terry cloth is pleasant to the touch, so the child usually takes the process of dressing with delight, does not resist and does not cry.

How to care for a towel-plaid?

The blanket for newborns can be washed in the washing machine, thanks to its material it dries very quickly. What can not but rejoice!

The towel-plaid can be used as a gift!

This is a wonderful and useful gift for any occasion! The body towel quickly absorbs moisture from baby’s skin and hair. And also the towel has a hood that can be thrown over your head. Thanks to its coloring, the towel can be given to both a boy and a girl.

Order a super modern and comfortable plaid towel with a small toy! We assure your child will be delighted!

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