Bodysuits for babies come in different models — with and without sleeves, with fasteners and buttons, with a zipper. Choose a model that is easier for you to put on a child, and the child is more comfortable to wear. In warm weather, you can give preference to lightweight options with short sleeves. In cool — with a long one and from a denser fabric. The Aist factory has dozens of bodysuit models for any child.

The choice of fabric is very important. It is from the naturalness and softness of the fabric that the comfort of the child, healthy and restful sleep envy. Opt for pure cotton. The fabric should be soft, pleasant to the touch. Adding synthetics to the fabric can cause allergic reactions on your baby’s delicate skin. Usually used cotton fabric cooler, interlock.

After choosing a body model, decide on the correct size. The stork factory uses a standard children’s size chart. The height of the child corresponds to the size of the clothes. Try to take bodysuits with a margin. The child will quickly grow out of the back-to-back model. Free size will allow you to wear different types of diapers. Also, the air circulation between the fabric and the skin is better in a looser version.

When buying a bodysuit for a baby, pay attention to the quality of the seams. They should not be hard, otherwise they will rub the skin. Threads should not stick out. Please note that the bodysuit must be sewn perfectly evenly. This is a guarantee that it will not lead after washing.

The Aist factory has been producing children’s bodysuits for over 15 years. We know what fabrics and styles are comfortable for children. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our collection on the Wildberries website.

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