There are many types of frame shapes, and most importantly, to understand what type of face each of them suits.

Wayfarers are a laconic plastic frame with a solid frame and trapezoidal lenses. The corners of the glasses can be both pronounced and rounded. As a rule, they sit best on the «oval» and categorically do not fit triangular and rectangular shapes.

Browliners are semi-rimmed frames with a thickened top that emphasize the brow line. It suits pear-shaped and trapezoidal faces.

Tishady — glasses with round glasses a la John Lennon or Harry Potter (who is more suitable for age;). Look beautiful on the «oval».

The cat’s eye is a very feminine frame, the upper corners of which go up to the temples. Such glasses, as a rule, are universal and can suit every woman.

Aviators — thin metal frames with drop-shaped lenses. They go to almost everyone, except for the «pear» and «trapeze».

Butterflies are rather large models with the expansion of the upper and lower outer corners. This form is very adorns the «rhombus» and is suitable for the correction of large facial features.

The mask is an oversized one-piece frame, visually similar to a real mask. With this form, you need to be more careful — due to the bulky design, many of these glasses can look ridiculous. And categorically the mask does not fit the «triangle».

Now you know everything about sunglasses, and nothing will stop you from choosing this fashionable accessory for yourself so that it combines protection, is safe and, of course, stylish.

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With love, ATTA

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