How to choose a dress according to your figure


Despite all the vagaries of fashion, the dress remains the most feminine outfit for a lady of any age. Of course, the dress must be chosen in full accordance with the features of your figure. Fortunately, in nature there are no such figures for which it is impossible to find a beautiful dress! For ease of selection, you must first determine what type your shape belongs to. The proportions of the body give the general outlines of the figure a resemblance to some fruits or objects, so you need to focus on them.

The figure «pear» is worthy of beautiful dresses!

If the physique combines wide hips and fragile narrow shoulders, then the figure belongs to the “pear” type. To give balance to this shape of the figure, it is worth choosing styles that do not aggravate the width of the hips and add volume to the upper body.

Dresses with puffy sleeves, with pleats and gathers along the shoulder line are perfect. You can try on models with ruffles and flounces on the top of the dress, but with a straight skirt. Dresses that need to be worn with shoulder pads look good. The waistline is better standard or high, under the bust, but if you choose the second option, you need to meticulously choose the cut and fabric so that your outfit is not confused with a maternity suit. V-neck or semi-circular — it’s up to you, they look equally advantageous, but you should not buy a dress with a V-neck, if you have a graceful long neck, it will visually turn you into a giraffe. You should not pick up a dress with a fluffy skirt or with a low waistline, tight at the top and flared at the bottom. Such a style will only further unbalance the figure visually.

Figure «carrot» — a wealth of choice of dresses

This type of figure is sometimes called an inverted triangle or an unstable trapezoid. The so-called «swimmer figure» with narrow hips and broad shoulders allows you to wear feminine beautiful dresses with a narrow bodice and full skirt. Dresses with a low waist, or an A-shaped silhouette look great.

You can safely bare your shoulders and wear strapless dresses. Looks great neck «collar». But the boat neckline visually expands the already wide shoulders. Lantern sleeves, shoulder pads, lush flounces along the bodice will not suit this type of figure.

Not a woman, but a pouring apple

The apple figure can cause a lot of trouble to its owners because there is no pronounced thin waist. However, this figure looks great in a straight-cut or semi-fitted dress, as well as in a trapeze dress a la «sixties».

Visually, the waist can be distinguished by a wide belt or original colors, where a light shade is distributed along the top of the bodice and along the bottom of the skirt, and a dark shade emphasizes the waistline. A toga dress with flowing pleats also looks great.

Time works for us — hourglass figure

A female guitarist or an hourglass is a beautiful figure that will suit almost any dress. A fixed waist line, a narrow or wide belt will clearly emphasize the dignity of this feminine figure.

A sheath dress tailored exactly to the figure will look great; a dress with a narrowed or, on the contrary, with a fluffy skirt looks good on such a figure. Fashion trends never argue with the owners of the hourglass figure, and here you should be guided only by your own taste and age.

Useful tips for choosing a dress

The more textured and color patterns on the fabric, the simpler the cut and style should be, otherwise the dress will amaze with ridiculous splendor.

The little black dress is a timeless classic from Chanel. Such a dress is actually highly desirable in any ladies’ wardrobe! But to give an accent that will correct the silhouette of this dress to fit the figure, you can create it with the help of accessories.

Natural silk, velvet or handmade lace are three pillars of an elegant feminine dress, but you should not combine them.


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