How to choose a children’s table.


It is important to approach the purchase with the utmost responsibility, to understand all the nuances of choosing and installing a table in the children’s room.
First you need to understand the types of surfaces and describe the individual features of each of them.

Written. Suitable for students and toddlers. It is convenient for them to play, engage in creativity, do homework.

Tabletops with special coatings (such as slate or magnetic) will allow the child to draw directly on the surface.

Computer. The most rational solution for teenagers.

Orthopedic. The main feature of such a table is a special recess that does not allow the child to roll over.

Embedded. Most often, such furniture is made to order, it will save space in a small room, but its high price is inaccessible to many parents.

The main criterion for choosing a table is the convenience of the child while sitting, writing and playing.
Having decided on the type of working area, it is necessary to proceed to the choice of its form.
There are several types of countertops: rounded, angular, straight (square or rectangular), round and figured.
Sometimes in stores there are countertops of unusual shapes (for example, in the shape of a camomile) and colors. It looks quite nice, but before choosing such a table, you need to think about practicality — whether the table will fit into the space of the room.
And in general, is it worth buying such furniture for a child and whether it will distract from the child’s hobby with its appearance — this is the question that parents should ask themselves when choosing a countertop design.

Round tables — ideal solution for multiple children. They allow each child to sit comfortably and not interfere with others.

curly shape — table for kids such furniture will be interesting but not very practical for your child.

Nectarin tables with straight shape look stylish and organic, the most popular and in demand among children.

The Nectarin table is made of solid wood — products made from this material are the most practical. The quality of such furniture is beyond doubt.
Proper children’s furniture will not provoke visual impairment and posture of the child. Table strength and stability Nectarin exclude any possibility of injury.
Tables for children Nectarin — this is a special type of furniture, which is designed not only for study, but also for creativity, games, activities.


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