How does underwear affect us?

There are many factors that influence self-esteem. One of the most important is the appearance. Agree, as soon as a woman puts on heels, her plasticity, gait, and the pace with which she moves immediately change. It’s no secret that even the sound of heels can make men turn around.

Underwear as well as heels affect our sensations. Of course, this is such a part of the wardrobe that is not visible to others, but depending on what kind of underwear we wear, our self-esteem changes.

If it is important for a girl to wear beautiful underwear, this suggests that she does not mind spending time and money on herself, on her feelings. This speaks of high self-esteem, because she needs all the best, even if no one sees the underwear.


In order to find your style, you need to spend a lot of resources: effort, time and finances. It is difficult to correlate your inner world with your outer world. Through trial and error, gradually move towards your goal — to express yourself through the wardrobe. It is necessary to take into account many factors, to strive to express individuality, emphasize the merits, hide the shortcomings. By the way a person dresses, his tastes, preferences, what he does become clear. Every girl wants her appearance to speak of self-confidence, that she knows her best sides. Let’s take a closer look at why girls need beautiful underwear.


With your appearance, you can demonstrate anything. All people are different, with different professions, hobbies. No matter what social roles a woman plays, there are often too many of them. But one thing remains unchanged — femininity. What we are with our loved ones. Sexuality is not about lace and the color of underwear. Sexuality is inner liberation, and only a person who loves himself can be liberated. That is why girls love to please themselves with purchases, and can afford to look beautiful.


Despite the fact that you want to pleasantly surprise a loved one, girls choose underwear primarily for themselves. Having picked up the right underwear, suitable in size and emphasizing all the advantages of the figure, you will involuntarily begin to enjoy the reflection in the mirror and enjoy the inner feeling of self-confidence.


When choosing underwear, it is better to focus on your own tastes and preferences, and not on fashion from glossy magazines. Color is very important when choosing. Of course, two primary colors must be present in the basic wardrobe: black and flesh.

  • Black lingerie goes well with any dark clothes. Universal, classic color will suit a woman of any color type. Translucent black fabric with lace will add intrigue to your look.
  • Beige color will be invisible even under the lightest clothes. And if a strap suddenly jumps out, there will be no awkwardness, hardly anyone will notice it.
  • White linen evokes thoughts of innocence, tenderness and purity. On the other hand, white most of all claims to be the most luxurious color of linen.
  • Red is the color of passion, which is chosen by strong, powerful and strong-willed people. Women who prefer red are very temperamental.
  • Yellow lingerie is chosen by sociable adventurers for whom life is a continuous adventure. It is a bright color of fun and curiosity.
  • Blue and cyan are the colors of the sky or the ocean. Girls who choose these shades are calm, reasonable. Blue and cyan are associated with sublimity and spirituality.

The main thing in choosing a color is that it suits you. Do not be afraid to experiment, try on both warm and cold shades, bright or pastel colors. Perhaps you will discover something new in your appearance.

If you don’t feel like shopping, you can choose underwear online.


Thoughts, sensations, feelings and emotions affect us more than the environment. Because we ourselves decide how to perceive our inner world, our state, and how we will transmit it externally. Beautiful underwear, this invisible part of the wardrobe is a tempting tool in order to better understand yourself and please a little.

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