Face lotion: what functions does it perform and how to use it correctly


Facial Lotion Functions: An ideal composition to combat skin imperfections.

Lotion is an important cosmetic product in the care of sensitive and problem-prone skin. Thanks to deep cleansing, it is possible to fight imperfections. When choosing a product, you need to focus on its composition: the concentration of alcohol, additional components against acne.

Problematic skin needs not only moisturizing, but also additional cleansing. Many girls practice multi-stage care, including cleansing, toning, nourishing and moisturizing. And one of the important steps in proper skin care is the use of lotion.

What is lotion and why is it needed

Lotions are water-alcohol solutions that also contain substances that purposefully solve various problems. These cosmetics additionally cleanse and moisturize the skin. The main feature of the lotion is its ability to penetrate deep into the pores, remove impurities that remain after the previous stages of cleansing. The lotion prepares the skin for a deeper and better action of other skin care products. In addition, lotions:

  • act as an addition to the main cleansing;
  • improve the condition of the skin, tone it;
  • dry, shrink pores.

Depending on the composition, they help fight rashes, moisturize, cleanse and mattify the skin, exfoliate dead cells, and also have an antiseptic effect.

Problem skin: main causes

Skin is an indicator of health, especially on the face. It is the largest organ in the human body and has its own microbiome. In 50% of people, the acne gland lives in the mouths of the pores — a tick, which the immune system normally copes with. However, under the action of predisposing factors, for example, increased fat content, hormonal imbalances, dietary habits and, of course, improper care and lack of high-quality cleansing, it is activated and unpleasant symptoms appear. Acne, pimples appear on the skin, which, when combed, can become inflamed, merge between themselves. With such manifestations, lotion is an indispensable part of skin care.

What should be the composition of the lotion

The main components of the lotion are water and alcohol (although sometimes it is absent), as well as additional caring substances: extracts of medicinal plants, minerals, amino acids and other acids that enhance the cleansing properties of the product.

Water and alcohol

The ratio of water and alcohol depends on the task that the lotion must solve, as well as the type of skin. For example, alcohol is intended for the fatty type, but if it is absent, then such products can be used for sensitive skin without fear of consequences and irritation.

Additional components

The lotion is especially important to use if the skin is problematic, prone to acne, blackheads, inflammation and oily sheen. Such products mattify, narrow pores, which helps fight rashes, acne, and post-acne. As additional substances, plant extracts are often added to the composition, which have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, soothing, and even whitening effects. Acids help not only enhance cleansing, but and stimulate regeneration. Amino acids are the building material for skin cells that support its youth. Some lotions contain components that specifically solve skin problems — rashes, inhibit the reproduction and activity of the acne gland. For example, Epideryl lotion.

epideryl lotion

In the Epideryl Demodex line of products, there is a lotion that gently cleanses, and also helps to restore the barrier function and regenerate the skin, reducing sebum production. There is no alcohol in the composition of the lotion, therefore it can be used even for sensitive problem skin. Metronidazole has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and acaricidal effect — it inhibits the activity and reproduction of the acne gland. Due to this, redness decreases, acne disappears, and with regular use they do not appear again. The formula of the lotion is enhanced by a blend of extracts and oils of lavender, sage, chamomile and peppermint, providing:

  • deep cleansing;
  • decreased activity of the sebaceous glands;
  • stimulation of skin microcirculation;
  • increase in tone and elasticity;
  • saturation with moisture and nutrients.

The composition of the lotion includes the main structural components of the skin — amino acids that help moisturize, restore protective properties, regenerate, and also protect it from the action of free radicals that lead to premature aging. For a pronounced and speedy effect — fighting rashes, it is recommended to use the entire line of products for complex care for the skin of the face and body Epideryl Demodex.


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