Basic accessories: how to choose earrings by color type


Have you ever noticed that bright green earrings are damn good for redheads, and dark or silver earrings for blue-black curls and porcelain skin? But the same green earrings can turn a fair-haired girl with gray eyes into a gray mouse. The delicate blue-eyed blonde is also likely to get lost against the background of bright red earrings.

Why is that? There is an opinion that the matter is in the color type.

What is a color type

This is the color characteristic of the exterior. It depends on the shades of hair, skin, eyes. Together they create a common background that can be in harmony with other surrounding colors. Or, on the contrary, discord.

There are several classifications of color types. The most common of them is according to the seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn.

How to determine the color type of appearance

1. Find out if you are a cold or warm type

There are three ways to do this. Choose the one that is more convenient, or use all at once — for reliability. This will take a matter of seconds.

Method 1. Through the veins

Take a look at the wreaths on the wrist. If they are distinctly blue, your type is cold. If you guess at least a hint of a greenish undertone in the color, your type is warm.

Method 2. On a white napkin

Stand in front of a mirror in a well-lit room and place a white tissue paper over your face. Take a closer look at what shade your skin acquires against its background. Slightly pinkish — your type is cold. Yellowish — warm.

Method 3. For gold and silver

You will need two pieces of foil — one gold and one silver. Apply them in turn to the skin around the wrist. Against the background of one color, the skin will have a uniform healthy shade. Against the background of the second, it will seem gray, faded.

If silver suits you, your type is cold. Gold is warm.

2. Determine the contrast

Take a look at your face in natural light.

If the color of your eyes, hair or skin stands out strongly from the rest, you are a contrasting type. For clarity, we can recall Snow White.

If the colors of your eyes, hair and skin overlap with each other, you are a muted type.

3. Compare results

The seasonal color type is determined based on temperature and contrast:

Cold and contrasting — winter.
Cold and muffled — summer.
Warm and contrasting — autumn.
Warm and muted — spring.

Color type — winter

People with this color type are distinguished by dark hair — from chestnut to blue-black, bright dark brown, green or blue eyes, white skin.

Earrings of desaturated colors with a warm undertone are not suitable for winter people — beige, orange, warm pink and blue.

We recommend you shades with a cold undertone — silver, emerald, deep gray, bright blue and cyan, red, purple, wine, black.

earrings on the model

Color type — spring

Spring people are distinguished by thin, transparent, light skin. Their hair is warm in tone, ranging from blond to light blond. The eyes are blue, brown, gray, green, but always light. Often there are delicate pink lips and a slight blush.

Dark contrasting earrings with a cold undertone are not suitable for spring — black, bright blue (electric), deep purple, scarlet, purple.

Recommended: light pastel colors — creamy, peach, warm beige, milk chocolate, salmon, apricot, light blue, light gray, light orange, as well as bright delicate shades of blue and pink.

Color type — summer

People with this color type are distinguished by hair of cold ashy shades — from light blond to dark. The skin is cool-toned, ranging from light pink to greyish-olive, but tans easily, acquiring a golden hue. The eyes are light, steel-colored with a dazzling white protein — due to this, they seem very bright.

Do not wear black and bright orange earrings.

suits you better cold pastel colors — blue, blue, white, pearl, dusty shades of pink, berry, wine, lilac, lemon yellow.

Color type — autumn

These people have golden skin. Hair of the same tone — from golden blond to copper, red, red. Eyes of distinct warm colors — shades of sweet tea, hazel, amber.

Do not wear earrings in pure light colors with a cold undertone — bright blue, lemon yellow, cool green and pink, lilac, purple.

But pay attention to rich natural, natural colors — emerald, chocolate, warm brown, tomato red, pumpkin orange, warm olive and gray, baked milk color, carmine (soft dark red), burgundy.

And be great!

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