All the best for women, or how to choose the perfect cosmetic bag


Each of us, from a young girl to a mature woman, treats her appearance with trepidation, buying expensive high-quality cosmetics. We keep it on the shelves at home, we take it with us to work, to a party, to a walk… But how to choose a cosmetic bag so that it is both roomy and compact, fits any bag and looks beautiful on a shelf in the bathroom, was of good quality and also time inexpensive? We’ll show you how! Cosmetic bags for women Paladis withstand all of the above requirements and even more!

Women’s cosmetics organizers are made of 100% genuine leather of our own production, which is distinguished by its environmental friendliness, wear resistance and durability, and a diverse selection of colors and designs of cosmetic bags will not leave indifferent any of the fair sex.

Inside, the Travel cosmetic bag and the pencil case are covered with a film with the Stars print, which complements the image of the organizer with a stylish twist, and the high-quality waterproof lining of the Brick cosmetic bag will reliably protect your bag in case the contents of the organizer are damaged.

Travel bag Brick has a large size that is perfect for a suitcase, backpack or travel bag, and more compact, but no less capacious Travel cosmetic bags and cosmetic cases will fit perfectly in a small women’s handbag.

Due to their versatility, leather cases can be used not only to store cosmetics, jewelry, writing and hygiene items, but also as a travel kit or glasses case.

Each cosmetic bag is neatly packed in branded paper and a branded craft box, which makes it a ready-made gift for any occasion.

Come to our Paladis store and choose your perfect cosmetic bag!

It is important to remember that genuine leather requires special care.

1) Leather products can only be washed by hand, at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees, without wringing and using only special liquid detergents.

2) To eliminate bruises and creases, it is enough to steam the skin at a distance of 20 cm.

3) Dry things made of genuine leather away from hot batteries and other heating devices.

4) In order for the leather to retain its original appearance for as long as possible, it is regularly worth treating it with special care products for genuine leather products.


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