5 tips to keep your kitchen worktop clean

Pleasant little things create comfort in the kitchen. But sorting through such trifles on the work surface often turns into visual chaos and confusion. To prevent this, take just five steps to visual cleansing:


Check this list for yourself:

  • Items you don’t use anymore 2 weeks put away in closed cabinets
  • Items that have many small details and complex shape (small appliances with cords, complex fruit bowls, sugar bowls, knife holders) can be put away in cabinets or replaced with items with the same functions but of a simple shape.
  • Organize items that are on the countertop just for the sake of decor (vases, flower pots, etc.) on open shelves or hang them on the railing on the kitchen apron.

Your work surface is already breathing a sigh of relief


Do not place objects evenly over the entire surface. Distribute them in heaps into zones, and be sure to leave the middle of the main workplace free until the kitchen apron


Group all the items that you want to put next to each other on a tray, cutting board or stand. Objects standing on a stand look much neater than the same objects simply placed on the surface of the table.


Replace or remove all brightly colored items, and even more so items that have a bright colorful print on them! It is desirable that objects are either not painted at all and have a natural look (wood, glass, metal, ceramics), or they are painted in calm colors that are pleasant to the eye.


Now, about each item that is left standing on the work surface, think about whether it can HANG? Yes, because it’s brilliant! Things remain in sight, they have convenient quick access and they do not take up space on the kitchen table!

You can hang items using hooks and organizers on the rails of your design.

By the way, fruits and vegetables do not have to be hidden in the refrigerator. They can become a decoration and a beautiful color accent in your kitchen. And you can hang them too!

This fruit hammock is attached with the hooks that come with the kit to the bottom surface of your kitchen hanging cabinets or the bottom of any shelf wider than 30 cm.

Fruits remain in sight, delight the eye with pleasant colors, remind you of themselves, are ventilated and feel great.

This hammock is handmade by craftswomen from the city of Krasnodar. It is made from natural raw pine and cotton twine. There are two types of hooks in the kit: screw-in and self-adhesive.

This type of storage allows you not to litter the work surface, does not interfere at all during cooking and leaves juicy, beautiful, fragrant, mouth-watering fruits and vegetables in sight.

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