5 tips to keep your kitchen organized


Clutter in the kitchen space spoils the mood and devastates the wallet. On crowded shelves it is often difficult to find the right seasonings or cereals.

We decided to share with you five tips on how to keep your kitchen tidy:

1. Use airtight transparent containers to store food in the refrigerator. You can purchase such containers from us. They will not only help preserve the look and taste of products, but the contents will always be in sight. It’s harder to forget about yesterday’s pasta if you open the refrigerator and it’s right in front of your eyes.

2. Place cereals, pasta and other bulk items in rectangular or square containers of the same type, so you save shelf space.

3. Use glass containers. They will last longer than plastic ones. And in our containers you can also bake and freeze.

4. Transfer cookies and candies to bowls or covered containers. So, you can get rid of visual noise from packages, and using an airtight container, keep sweets from excess moisture and small insects.

5. To keep the freshness of bread and pastries — get a bread box. Minus the crumbs on the shelves and countertops — plus fresh and retained the taste and smell of pastries.

The brand of household goods «OBED» will be happy to help you with the choice of containers for your needs. We have a wide range at reasonable prices.


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