5 tips to dry your shoes


In spring, the weather is especially changeable. Shoes often get wet due to melting snow, and after a certain period of time, this can lead to peeling of the sole or deformation of the shoe itself. For this reason, many people wonder how to dry shoes quickly and without ruining them.

  • cleansing

First of all, the shoes must be thoroughly wiped from the remnants of clay, dirt and road chemicals, when dried, the dirt can eat into the surface of the skin and leave unpleasant marks and stains. Wipe the outside thoroughly with a damp cloth. After that, the shoes should be opened as much as possible so that the evaporating moisture comes out. Remove wet insoles, untie and remove laces, open all zippers, ties and Velcro.

  • Electric dryer

The simplest and most convenient option is an electric dryer. In addition to the classic models, there are models with blowing or ultraviolet radiation, which also disinfect boots. This method of drying shoes is the most gentle, it can be used to dry quickly both outside and inside. The electric dryer simply needs to be inserted into the shoes and connected to the mains. The heating elements will act on the boots with soft heat and will not spoil the shoes and they will be dry in a couple of hours.

  • Rice

Regular rice will quickly dry the shoes from the inside. As you know, rice absorbs moisture very well and will help dry wet shoes even inside.

For this method, you will need a shoebox with a lid. At its bottom, it is necessary to fill up rice for a few centimeters, and put wet shoes on top, always with the soles up. Next, close the lid tightly and leave the box for several hours until completely dry.

  • Newspapers

The most popular folk method for drying shoes is newspaper or soft paper. Thanks to this method, you can dry your shoes in just one night, as the paper absorbs moisture and thereby dries the shoes.

Stuff your shoes with pieces of newspaper, and after a while, replace the wet newspapers with dry ones. If this is not done, then the expected effect will not be.

Genuine leather shoes should not be stuffed very tightly so as not to spoil the shape. Also, it should be understood that ink from printed products can stain light-colored shoes. In such cases, toilet paper or plain white paper is suitable.

  • Soda

Baking soda absorbs moisture well. It acts as an absorbent and removes not only unwanted water from the boots, but also unpleasant odors.

It is most convenient to pour soda into a thin bag or sock, and then place it in shoes.It is worth noting that soda, like newspapers, needs to be changed in order to get the expected result.

  • Tray filler

Pet owners are well aware of how well litter for cat litter absorbs moisture. This is due to a substance called silica gel, from which the filler is made. It is a good absorbent and can absorb a large amount of liquid.

To do this, the filler must be poured into the shoes, and it will begin to draw moisture. In some cases, or to speed up the drying process, the filler should be changed several times.

And yet, never dry your shoes near a radiator or other heating devices, as this can lead to its deformation and damage.

Proper care and timely drying in reliable and proven ways will help protect your favorite shoes and extend their life. Add us to your favorite brands and choose comfortable shoes!


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