After the repair in the bathroom is completed, the question arises — do you like everything here, is it cozy and comfortable enough, do you want to stay here for a long time, does this room contribute to complete rest after a hard day’s work.

If something does not suit or causes concern, then you should think and analyze what needs to be changed in the interior of the bathroom, removed or, on the contrary, added so that you like this room first of all.

One of the reasons why you don’t like the bathroom may be the lack of a floor mat. This, it would seem, is a small detail, especially if it is chosen with taste for your interior and design, plus the color scheme of the room, it can transform your bathroom beyond recognition. But the lack of a floor mat in the bathroom can constantly cause you inconvenience and discomfort.

If you enter the bathroom barefoot, you will feel uncomfortable on the cold tiles. And if you got out of the shower or the bathroom itself, then you can slip on the wet floor surface.

Many people very lightly consider the presence of a floor mat in the bathroom, they consider this matter not the first necessity in this room, an extra item that can be looked after periodically, vacuumed, cleaned with special detergents and brushes from hair, dust and dirt, and also washed ( if the structure of the material permits).

This issue cannot be taken lightly. After all, as mentioned above, it was the presence of a rug on the floor in the bathroom that saved more than a dozen people from bruises and falls on a slippery and wet floor. This is especially true for families with small children and the elderly. Then having a rug in the bathroom is a must for these family members. After all, small children are very mobile and without a rug can slip in the bathroom and get injured.

The next functional purpose of a bathroom floor mat is to give an aesthetic look to the whole room. And most importantly — a floor mat can hide all the shortcomings and shortcomings that were made when laying the floor covering. Some irregularities, rough seams, cracked facing tiles — all these flaws can be hidden under a beautiful rug.

A bright beautiful floor mat in the bathroom will make the interior of your renovated bathroom even more original and inimitable, because today you can buy floor mats in various colors and with the image of whole picture canvases: paintings of seascapes, classic patterns and other images.

Especially for kids, bright figured rugs in the shape of animals or with thematic patterns on a non-slip rubber base are produced. This means that the floor mat in the bathroom, first of all, in this case will act as a guarantee of safety and the absence of injuries, and secondly, it will interest and distract the child.

Nylon rugs with images of fish and frogs produced by the world famous factory MAC CARPET passed international certification OEKO-TEX STANDART 100 Confidence in Textiles (OEKOTHOSE Confidence textiles). Based on the results of thorough testing, independent experts have established the absence of formaldehydes, heavy metals, carcinogenic and allergenic dyes, and other hazardous substances at all stages of production — from raw materials to finished products.

Only a few textile factories meet the highest global environmental standards, so the presence of such a certificate guarantees the safety and quality of products.

Some buyers feel a slight smell at the beginning of use — this is due to the harmless antibacterial impregnation, which is applied at the factory to prevent the appearance and reproduction of harmful microorganisms in a humid, warm environment.

Many customers are alarmed by the synthetic material (nylon) from which the pile of the rug is made, but this is completely in vain. Nylon is a modern durable fiber that is resistant to abrasion and unpretentious in care. Such rugs can be washed in a washing machine on a delicate cycle at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees without wringing and then dried in a straightened form.

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