What tights should be in your summer wardrobe?

So the long-awaited summer has come, and, it would seem, there are no reasons to wear pantyhose in the next three months. However, what do we see on the catwalks? Tights, tights, and more tights. Matte, tanned, mesh and fantasy models that organically complement the overall look. Let’s figure out what tights are needed in a summer wardrobe, and what reasons incline us to wear them.

The first reason. Dress code

If you work in an office, you can’t do without pantyhose. Which ones to choose? Density 8 — 20 den. In the top — matte, seamless, and also with a tulle effect. For example, Matte by OMSA or Magia Rete by MiNiMi. These tights look very natural. They won’t be hot. Such models will make a single image with any clothes. As a guideline, you can choose Kate Middleton. Her position obliges to wear tights even in the hottest time of the year, and she always manages to create feminine and elegant images.

Second reason. Convenience and comfort

Summer is a great time to walk your favorite shoes. Stylish sandals with breathtaking stilettos, bright ballet flats, loafers that evoke colors, in general, everything that remained on the shelves for a long nine months. However, even the most comfortable shoes can create certain difficulties. And instead of gluing plasters on injured legs later, you can simply take care of the absence of discomfort in advance. The easiest way is with the help of tights, which will become a necessary barrier between even the most beloved shoes and the delicate skin of the feet. A great option is Estivo No Toe open toe tights from MiNiMi.

The third reason. Lack of sunburn

If a vacation is not yet in sight, and you want to show your legs in all their glory right now, use tights with a tan effect. A variety of shades and models in stores is pleasing to the eye, but when choosing the right ones, you should follow a few rules. The color of the tights should be organically combined with the skin tone, especially if the outfit is short-sleeved. It is permissible to wear tights a shade darker, but nothing more. Secondly, it is better to opt for matte models. They perfectly create the illusion of a natural tan. If you want to wear sandals or other shoes with open toes, then choose a model of tights with an invisible toe. Thirdly, choose tights with a density of 8-15 Den, and then in a warm summer you will be comfortable in them. Ideal seamless Innovattiva 8 den from OMSA or Absolute Summer 8 den from Filodoro.

The fourth reason. Skin imperfection

Tights are a true friend in a situation where the skin is far from perfect. They will help hide wreaths that appear on the legs, small bruises or scratches. In such cases, matte models, tights with masking, make up and tulle effect will ideally cope with the task. They can be worn on a date in the evening or on a special date. We recommend paying attention to Calma 20 den and Tulle Magico by MiNiMi or Velor 15 den by OMSa.

Occasion fifth. fashion influence

Tights are a bright accent accessory that will not hurt even in summer. You should choose from models that will declare themselves with one of their looks. Colored fantasy tights (like Multifibra Colors 20 den by MiNiMi) or nude effect tights with colorful polka dots (Stile Di Arte 20 den by MiNiMi) will put a stylish end to any look. It’s so easy to be the center of attention with them. And isn’t that what you need in the summer?

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