Napkin holders— very beautiful decoration on the table. Suitable for every day, and for the festive table. Many napkin holders are real works of art.
AAD interior chose to create napkin holders from MDF. Wooden napkin holders are great for interior decoration in ECO or classic style.

Advantages of wooden napkin holders:
— Material safety.
— Ease of product maintenance.
— Ease of use .
— Attractive appearance.

One of the most popular napkin holders Home.

Napkin holder Home, unusually beautiful wooden products, for a homely atmosphere. A simple, but at the same time stylish look of a napkin holder. There are two colors in our store: black, white.

Another one of the most popular napkin holders isGorgeous.

This is an elegant young lady who will decorate any holiday table. A fragile girl easily changes her outfits, fluffy skirts made of napkins. It will be a great gift for any occasion. Such a napkin holder looks especially attractive if napkins with a pattern or multi-colored ones are used.

And of course Moroccan pattern did not go unnoticed by our clients.

Proper table setting is a real art. Our wooden napkin holders have high-quality processing, it will last for many years,
decorating the table.

napkin holder «Provence»

Any table, whether ordinary or festive, is radically transformed if it is served correctly. AAD interior offers you a napkin holder «Provence» in three types «Dark Night», «Latte macchiato», «White Nights».

Our workshop has been creating designer furniture and interior items for many years. Go to our AAD interior store. Treat yourself to our napkin holder. It’s so nice to realize that we are helping to make this world a little better, and people happier.

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