Once in the women’s wardrobe from the shoulder of bikers and rockers, the leather jacket remains there to this day, every year only strengthening its position in the ranking of trends and in the hearts of fashionistas.

However, the classic leather jackets bored many. In the age of self-expression and non-standard solutions, boring black jackets without decor have been replaced by leather jackets of different colors, leather jackets with lacing, rings, buttons, spikes, bright prints, and even leather jackets with fringes.

Which biker jacket to choose to stand out from the crowd this spring and fall?

Despite the creativity of leather jackets, you can combine them with both a classic business style and a feminine romantic one by wearing a light spring dress under a leather jacket.

A hoodie, a loose shirt made of thick cotton, as well as an elongated oversized sweater or cardigan are suitable for a leather jacket. Rough boots, sneakers or ankle boots with heels will complement the look.

Biker jackets, not only a fashion trend, but also a universal item of a stylish wardrobe

Have you already chosen your perfect jacket?

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