TOP 3 questions how to care for a child’s hair?


A child under 5 years old touches his hair on average 20-40 times a day!

Today, in a question-answer format, we will discuss everything about hair hygiene.

How often should you wash your child’s hair?

Unlike adults, a child’s scalp produces less oil. Wash your hair 1, maximum 2 times a week — perfect!

Do you need conditioner after shampoo, does your child have tangled hair?

Children’s hair is thinner than adults. And if you wash them with sulfate shampoos or more often 2 times a week, you can get the effect of electrified and tangled hair. This is then hidden with the help of a conditioner in the composition of the shampoo. Unfortunately, most conditioners in baby shampoos are synthetic. With prolonged use, they dry the hair and open the scales. It turns out a vicious circle, right?!

In BABYiD shampoos, we deliberately do not use conditioners. Due to the vegetable washing base (based on coconut, extracts from vegetables and fruits), due to the Allantoin vegetable conditioner in the composition, the hair acquires natural softness and shine.

Yes, the natural health of the hair requires a cumulative effect. But it’s worth it.⠀

Hair gets tangled when combing, what can I do?

— Change your shampoo to a milder one

— do not comb wet hair

— Do not wash your hair upside down. This is how you open the hair scales. Over time, the hair will become more brittle and dull.

Why is hair taken in laboratories for toxin tests?

Because any toxic elements are absorbed into the blood and eventually reach the hair follicles and gradually accumulate in them. In fact, our hair collects impurities and toxins from the body. Therefore, the level of certain minerals and toxic substances is determined precisely by the hair.

The hair of a child also accumulates all the “charms” of life in a big city, ecology, nutrition. Help them maintain their health and natural beauty with gentle, safe care.

BABYiD shampoos contain everything you need for the health of your child’s hair and scalp:

Bio-vegetable washing bases that do not irritate the eyes and are completely washed off from the hair and skin

Bio-extracts of medicinal herbs: lavender, chamomile, calendula, string

Panthenol (provitamin B5)

Hypoallergenic baby fragrances from Paris and food preservatives

No sulfates, silicones, alcohols, dyes, parabens.

Our health depends on daily rituals. Washing your hands properly, preserving the natural protective layer of the skin, and gently cleansing your hair are part of these important rituals. It is in our power to teach the child to take care of himself and his health. And buying the right shampoo is an easy and very valuable way to take care of your little one.


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