Top 3 baby sling questions. How and what to choose.


How safe is a sling for the health of a newborn baby and his mother?

In fact, not all slings are created equal. More precisely, it is important to distinguish a sling from a kangaroo or other non-ergonomic carriers. It is safer to wear a newborn baby in a sling — this carrier adapts to the child and his physiological characteristics!

Kangaroo gives only the appearance of supporting the child. In such a carrier, the child hangs on the crotch, the legs dangle freely, not supported by anything. This is an unnatural position, the load on the child’s fragile spine is often excessive. The mother’s back also suffers — thin straps cut into the back, the child hanging in front shifts the center of gravity of the parents, forcing them to constantly strain their back muscles. Usually this type of carrier captivates with its apparent simplicity: you don’t need to do anything, put the baby in and go. But there are, after all, more important questions — how much the mother’s back can withstand with such a load, and how the baby will feel in such a carrier.

Slings, unlike kangaroos, are finely tuned for a specific child. The sling tightly covers the back of the mother, distributes the weight of the child so that it feels like an extension of its own body. Comfortable for baby, comfortable for mom. In addition, slings are suitable for newborns, and for older babies, and for children who are starting to walk. Universal carrier — buy once, and it is enough for the entire period of infancy.

Will I be able to figure out how to wind the sling myself? Can you do it quickly?

A sling is a piece of fabric that needs to be wound in a special way. Naturally, at the beginning, this can cause concern for mom or dad — but will we figure it out, can we use it? And are we wasting our money?

First, if you buy Mum’s Era sling, then complete with the carrier you will receive a very detailed illustrated instruction. Everything is very detailed and not scary at all. Usually 80% of moms and dads master the sling on their own and quickly. They write about it later in the reviews.

Secondly, when buying a Mum’s Era sling, you also get a free wrapping consultation from us. If something does not work out according to the instructions, we will provide you with such a personal video consultation within 30 days after the purchase. (read more about it in the description of Mum’s Era slings). A professional consultant will help you understand what is wrong with winding, why you might be uncomfortable, why your baby might not like it — and how to quickly fix it. Subsequently, winding the sling will take you from 30 seconds to a couple of minutes.

In general, a newborn baby is safer and more comfortable to wear in a sling than in a kangaroo. The sling supports the baby’s fragile spine at every point, and distributes the load on the mother’s back.

How to choose the right sling for a newborn? Eyes run wide. What should be taken into account?

Here are two important nuances that are important when choosing a sling for a newborn.

one. Choose a sling depending on how long you will be carrying your baby. If the baby is “manual”, does not lie in the stroller and crib, wants to be on the handles all the time and you do not have assistants, carrying on two shoulders is more suitable for you, this sling scarf. It will be comfortable to wear for a long time. But if you plan to use a sling only from time to time, for example, to go to a clinic with a child, where you can’t go with a stroller, or go out into the fresh air for 5 minutes before going to bed, it’s quite possible to do sling with rings. This sling is very quick to put on and take off. The load in it goes to one shoulder of the mother, so the shoulders need to be alternated from time to time so that the back muscles are loaded symmetrically.

2. Pay attention to the fabric of the sling, its composition. The fabric should be soft, natural, plastic. The sling should fit the body so that there are as few folds as possible, it should not slip and untie.

Perfect for newborns Mum’s Era knitted slings — they are made of soft interlock, but they are only suitable for a child weighing 8-10 kg.

Can be used from birth Mum’s Era woven wraps is a carrier that is made of a special sling fabric, soft, with a special weave that perfectly distributes the weight. In such slings, you can carry your baby from birth up to a weight of 15 kg.

Textile Mum’s Era ring slings also designed for newborns — we use only natural, hypoallergenic materials — cotton or cotton with linen. Note: slings with linen can be harsh until the first wash, but this quickly passes, and besides, they have undeniable advantages. Cotton-linen slings with rings are suitable for the heat, because linen has greater air and moisture permeability, respectively, in a cotton-linen sling in summer it will be cooler than in cotton.

Carry your baby comfortably and safely!


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