The workplace of a manicurist — what should it be like?


A professional manicure table is one of the main attributes of a manicure master. The rest of the workplace is designed around it, so it must meet a number of requirements: you need to think about its convenience, functionality, suitable size and other important characteristics. Properly equipped workplace of a manicure master is the key to successful work, the convenience of clients and the master himself. Today we will tell you what elements should be considered when organizing a workplace.

1. Ergonomics

Furniture should be selected comfortable for both the master and the client. It should help you concentrate on your work. To optimize the space, you can consider a folding manicure table: it has a folding tabletop supported by a chrome-plated leg; there are shelves inside. The table is stable and functional.

To make everyone feel comfortable, choose furniture with rounded, streamlined edges.

2. Spaciousness

Manicure is a large number of materials, consumables, working tools and equipment that need to be placed somewhere. You need storage space and an easy access location; all this combines a manicure table with a door.

3.Professional lighting

It is better to place the workplace by the window, if the room allows, so that the light falls on the table, or provide good lighting with lamps. It is important to know that gel polishes and gels polymerize from direct sunlight, and they must be stored in boxes.

Therefore, the ideal version of the master’s desktop is several spacious drawers for materials. Drawers are best placed on the right side. A suitable solution in this case would be a manicure table with drawers.

4. Cozy interior

Nail service artists work with a palette of colors, therefore, when thinking over the interior of the salon, all factors that can distort the color in the working area should be excluded. It is desirable that the furniture and walls of the nail salon be in light colors.

To create a cozy atmosphere, choose a comfortable and stylish set of chairs for a professional manicure table. The popular Ames chairs can serve as such an option: a simple but well-thought-out model will organically fit into any interior. The seat is made of plastic that follows the contours of the body, with a slight shock-absorbing effect. The base of the chair is metal, the legs are made of beech wood. Despite the external lightness, the chair is stable and reliable, which allows the master and the client not to be distracted from creating beauty.

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