Stripe satin bedding: how to choose online

Having become interested in this issue for the first time, you can find that the choice of bed linen in online stores is very extensive. In life, the buyer always has the opportunity to at least visually assess the quality of the goods. On the Internet, everything is different. So how do you make the right choice? What you should pay attention to?

The first thing to consider is the material. The seller must indicate not only the name, but also the composition of the fabric. The ideal composition for stripe satin is 100% cotton. It is a natural fabric that acquires its elegant look through a special jacquard weave and alternating glossy and matte stripes. The material is very beautiful, elitist. The back side and the front look the same. Natural material is environmental friendliness, hypoallergenicity, thermoregulation, healthy sleep and beautiful skin. However, often under the name stripe satin, fabric with the addition of polyester and other synthetic materials can be hidden. That is why it is important to pay attention to the COMPOSITION and choose natural. ID Design uses only natural fabrics.

The second important detail is the density of the fabric. A thin fabric will be translucent, will last less, will have a less advantageous look compared to a denser one. Ideally, the density should be from 135 g/m. The fabrics used in the ID Design kits have a weight of 140 gr/m, which is considered the gold standard of stripe satin.

The third point worth paying attention to. You can see a small postscript AIR JET in the title of the material. What does she mean. Air jet is a modern loom that produces fabric. The weaving process takes place according to a shuttleless pattern, in which the weft thread is thrown by a fine stream of hot air. This allows you to get a fabric with a more even texture, get rid of inclusions of dirt and third-party threads, and the formation of knots. Thanks to this, it was possible to abandon mercerization. Mercerization is the final treatment of fabric with a solution of caustic soda. It gives the fabric a more attractive appearance, but reduces its lifespan. Air jet fabrics have a more pronounced sheen, minimal shrinkage, hold their shape well and last much longer. ID Design uses this fabric in its production.

The fourth factor that may influence your choice is reviews. You should check them out before buying.

It is also important to familiarize yourself with the complete set of the offered goods. Unscrupulous sellers often indicate a set of euros in the name, while in a set in the size of euros there is only a sheet. However, in the configuration there is a decoding indicating the true dimensions and number of units.

Happy shopping!

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