Spring-summer 2022: what colors in the image will make it bright and unique?


Spring-summer is still such a time when girls bloom: there are a lot of bright colors in clothes, I want to bring a touch of piquancy, femininity and grace to my everyday looks. And, of course, you want to attract the attention of both men and girls to your style, catch pleasantly surprised looks and receive warm and sincere compliments.

In this article, we have collected the main bright, accent colors that have become trendy in the spring-summer 2022 season, and also made a selection of bright and stylish Italian handbags made of Migliore Personaroom genuine leather that can perfectly complement your looks. Bags by Migliore Personaroom brand not only meet the latest fashion trends in Milan and are comfortable and practical to use, but also help girls express their uniqueness and inimitability of their personality every day.

We have selected 4 bright and 4 pastel colors.


It is especially suitable for blondes and red-haired girls, however, with a well-chosen color, it can perfectly complement the image of dark-haired girls. Very cheerful and bright color, which perfectly cheers up. The trend is red-orange and light orange shades, the first brings passion, tones and energizes, and the second brings calm and romance. It looks especially good if there is only one element in the image of a girl, for example, a bright orange handbag.


Blue color is suitable for everyone, without exception, but it is worth choosing the right shade very carefully. To make blue an accent color, you can take bright blue (electric blue) or muted, but deeply pronounced blue, both colors are in the top in 2022. The darker the shade of blue, the brighter you can combine it with other colors (bright yellow, bright orange).

  • RED

Red is a symbol of confidence, fortitude and nobility, but the color is difficult because it is very demanding in combination with other colors in clothes and accessories. There are few options: black, white, gold and other shades of red. Red, as well as orange, will look good either only in an element of clothing, or only in accessories.


Fuchsia as a color, on the one hand, indicates the positive, energy and confidence of the girl in herself and her actions, and on the other hand, passion and femininity with a competent combination with other colors and in certain styles. This color is more suitable for brown-haired women and brunettes, blondes are more suitable for pastel colors. Fuchsia is also difficult to combine with other colors, but you can create great images with black, white, blue.


Ideal for girls with blond hair, as well as brown-haired women. If you feel that you want to see lightness and romance in your image, then this color is perfect for you. The trend is now dominated by 2 shades: pale pink and flamingos. The first color is great for summer, goes well with other pastel colors, and the flamingo color makes the image warmer, as it gives off a peach hue. If you use color in accessories, then pink handbags are perfect for white, pale blue, lavender, blue.

  • MINT

Two shades are also relevant: soft mint (a brighter shade) and mint gray (muted color). Gentle mint color is one of the most any in summer collections, as it reflects lightness, purity and freshness, in the images indicates the romance and sophistication of the girl. Gray-mint color is ideal for brunettes, as well as people with a non-contrasting appearance. The color is aristocratic, it can be easily entered into both casual summer looks and business office style. If your wardrobe is dominated by muted shades, then this color will add the perfect zest through a stylish accessory.


Blue is one of the classic colors that makes the image clean and concise and suits everyone, without exception, in all shades, but cool saturated shades are more suitable for brunettes, and colors with an admixture of green or gray are more suitable for redheads. Light, airy color speaks of the calmness, softness and cheerfulness of the girl’s character. Pale blue is often chosen by creative individuals or very peaceful people.


Suitable for any girls, the actual color has been in the lead since 2021 and so far is also in the lead. Lavender color can be combined with any shades of pastel colors, it is ideal for holidays, travel and walks. Great for girls who belong to the «spring» color type. Looks great with black, gray, beige, muted yellow and orange, as well as a cool green tint.

Style for a girl is her calling card, it is a way to show the world the most important features of her inner world and her personality.

Finding your inner style is a laborious and complex process, especially if it takes place without the additional help of specialists, which many cannot afford. In such cases, for most people, the starting point in finding their style is fashion — a fleeting process that allows you to look modern, bright and even stylish. However, in fact, you should not blindly follow fashion trends when choosing things and collecting images, first of all, of course, you need to work with your appearance, understand how you would like to look, how comfortable you will be, what clothes and accessories you can afford , and most importantly — which color palette is right for you.

Thank you for your interest in this article. We wish you success in creating your unique and vibrant image!


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