Recently, bathroom organizers have become increasingly popular. These compact and convenient sets help not only to save space, but also to organize a sanitary and hygienic area as comfortable as possible for the whole family. With such an acquisition, your bathroom will always be in order. How to choose from the variety of offered models the organizer that is right for you? Let’s deal with ECOCO.

Home Hygiene Center

If you’re looking for the smallest bathroom organizer that won’t take up much space, check out the hanging model from ECOCO, which is installed without drilling on a high-strength adhesive mount. Depending on the number of members of your family, this organizer is equipped with two, three or four individual mouthwash cups. All models have a built-in toothpaste dispenser and toothbrush holders. The organizer will provide the maximum level of hygiene, as well as:

• reduce consumption of toothpaste;
• will protect brushes and glasses from dust (thanks to the closed storage);
• save space on the shelves.

Despite sufficient capacity, even the largest organizer from this series, designed for four glasses, has compact dimensions (37 cm / 10 cm / 18 cm) and will not clutter up the space, but on the contrary, will help organize small accessories. Thanks to the choice of color palette (in gray, blue or peach tones), the hanging bathroom organizer will fit into any interior.

Family Bathroom Organizers

Bathroom Dispenser Organizer by ECOCO — ideal for a large family (4-5 people). Compact, but very functional and roomy model:

• two dispensers for toothpaste;
• five holders for brushes (including electric brushes);
• four mouthwash cups (for children and adults);
• additional compartment for small accessories.

A huge advantage of this accessory is that the organizer is easily attached to the wall (no drilling required). The suspension mechanism is able to withstand up to 6 kg of load. The cup holder is well ventilated, so you can not be afraid of germs and dampness.

Wall holder for toothbrushes and glasses

The main advantage of wall holders from ECOCO is that the tumbler is stored upside down. And, therefore, it dries faster and is protected from germs and dust. The organizer for storing brushes and other accessories in the bathroom has varieties: for two, three or four persons. You can store several spare toothbrushes in such an accessory (for example, for guests).

In addition to basic hygiene items, combs, razors, creams, mascara and other small items can be placed in additional compartments. The holder is made of high quality materials, so it is resistant to high temperatures.

Toothbrush sterilizer organizers

If you strive for maximum oral hygiene, then the best model for you is a wall holder. ECOCO with UV sterilizer function. The main function of this bathroom organizer shelf is to store toothbrushes, additionally it has a toothpaste dispenser.

Toothbrush sterilizer kills 99% of germs, guarantees maximum safety and hygiene. But this is not the only advantage of this model:

• simple minimalist design;
• work without recharging for a long period;
• simple installation on adhesive fastening without drilling of walls;
• dust protection;
• noiselessness;
• safe and durable materials.

Bathroom shelves with towel holder

A roomy, compact, hanging bathroom shelf is perfect for small rooms where it is important to save every centimeter of usable space. On the shelf, which is easily attached to any wall surface, both soap and washcloth and care products will fit.

A stainless steel towel holder is built into the bottom of the bathroom accessory organizer. Therefore, you can safely hang even a damp towel on it without worrying about rust. The shelf made of high-quality plastic is not whimsical in care — it is very easy to wash the surface. If desired, it can be decorated with a decorative planter or a living plant, which will help create an atmosphere of home comfort.

A bathroom organizer is not only a practical and functional device that will greatly facilitate the everyday life of any family. It is also a stylish beautiful accessory that will be a great gift option for your family, friends or colleagues. This present is perfect for any occasion. Relatively inexpensive, but very useful and always appropriate. If you are looking for a suitable Premium class bathroom organizer, you can buy the most modern models at competitive prices in the ECOCO store. The catalog contains a wide range of different holders and hanging shelves.

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