Like in a beauty salon: we clean the upholstery, get rid of odors in the car

To paraphrase the saying, we can say with confidence: they meet the car on the cover, and escort it through the cabin. And, however, no matter how shiny its outer side, if the interior itself is dirty, smoky or just smells unpleasant, the impression from the owner of the car will not be very good. It’s good that modern autochemistry helps even in the most difficult cases.

Stains on the car seat: how to clean and how to wash

Cleanliness in the car is the key to health. Dust, dirt on the seats and instrument panels can cause allergies. Upholstery is an ideal place for germs and harmful particles that we breathe. Experts advise to carry out car dry cleaning at least once a year — after winter. To maintain order in the vehicle, it is not necessary to drive it to the sink every time. Manufacturers of household chemicals today offer professional car cleaning products that can be used at home.What do you need for self-cleaning the interior?— cleaning products; — sponge; — brush; — cotton or microfiber cloth; — vacuum cleaner.Advice:Before cleaning with cleaning products, the seats should be vacuumed to remove surface dust, dirt, and crumbs. If this is not done, the dirt will “settle” even deeper inside the upholstery, and it will be more difficult to remove it.

Checklist of vehicles for interior cleaning

To keep your car tidy, it’s best to have a few supplies on hand that you’ll always have on hand. They will help eliminate unpleasant odors, remove stains from the seats, and give shine to the panels.

What should be in the minimum set of household chemicals for a car:

  • Panel polish. Plastic interior parts can simply be wiped with a damp cloth. But a special polish gives the panels a shine, leaves a pleasant smell in the cabin, protects against dust and UV rays.
  • Means or napkins for washing glasses and mirrors. They will help wash glass without streaks, degrease them so that they do not fog up.
  • Seat cleaner. The upholstery gets dirty most often in the car. Dust settles on it, drinks are spilled on it, crumbs from food and footprints from a trip with children remain. Water will not cope with all these contaminants, and a special solution will help clean the car seat from dirt without streaks.
  • Stain remover concentrate or foam spray. These cleaners will help to cope with heavy dirt, old stains.

How to clean the seats?

When choosing household chemicals for cleaning seats, you need to consider the type of upholstery. Means for fabric and leather differ in composition.Fabric productsIf your car has textile upholstery on the seats, almost any product will work, even an alkaline one. The interior cleaner Textile cleaner has a wide range of applications. Revitalizes and renews upholstery colors, eliminates unpleasant odors, removes stains. It is suitable for cleaning fabrics, velor, artificial and natural leather, plastic and glass. This is a universal tool that can be used to wash the entire car.Suitable for textile upholsterySkin careFor leather seats, broad-spectrum products can be detrimental. Need special. For example, leather cleaner Leather Cleaner will carefully remove various contaminants.Specialized leather products will definitely not damage the structure of the material

How to remove stains on upholstery?

Do-it-yourself cleaning of car seats from strong and old dirt, stains will help concentrated products. Interior cleaner Universal cleaner is suitable for removing stubborn stains. Textile cleaner in a concentrated form will help to cope with stubborn stains on car seats — from blood stains to chocolate stains.

Anton Churkin —Grass expert

“The concentrate is applied only to the contamination, not to the entire surface. When working with a concentrate, a minimum of mechanical impact should be exerted on the surface. But after such a removal of stubborn stains, you will need a washing vacuum cleaner to completely wash the detergent out of the surface.

Concentrate cleaning rules:

— before use, test on an inconspicuous area of ​​the upholstery;

— wear a mask and gloves;

— use a soft-bristled brush;

— after cleaning, ventilate the car for 30-60 minutes.

Cleaning child car seats

Before you start cleaning child car seats, read the instructions at what temperature and with what means you can wash them. For most models, the same products are suitable as for upholstery of car seats. For fabric child seats, use Universal Cleaner or Textile cleaner. After cleaning, do not forget to rinse off the product from the surface and dry the car seat.


— Auto dry cleaning should be carried out at least once every six months.

— Choose cleaning products according to the type of upholstery.

— Vacuum the seats before cleaning.

— Remove complex stains with a concentrated product.

— After cleaning, the interior must be ventilated and dried.

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