Admire the perfect kitchens on Instagram and get upset that yours is not so beautiful and cozy at all? Do not worry, because every hostess can transform her home. Just a few simple rules, and your kitchen will look no worse than popular bloggers.

We organize storage

The feeling of clutter is the main thing that distinguishes an ordinary kitchen from an Instagram kitchen. Properly organized storage of things will instantly improve the appearance of even the smallest room. And you will immediately appreciate how convenient it is when everything you need is in its place, and the work surface and dining table are always free.

So, first you need to deal with the little things that always occupy all the shelves and drawers: spices, cutlery, various kitchen utensils. We suggest putting them in a convenient multi-tiered plastic container. It is roomy, light, through the transparent walls you can see what is in each compartment. And convenient and strong latches do not allow the contents to fall out of the container when you take it out of the locker.

Now let’s move on to products. Where do you store cereals, pasta, sugar? In bags or assorted old jars? It’s time to replace them with new ones. convenient containers. Especially containers look harmonious if their appearance is identical. That is why it is more convenient to take immediatelyset of identical containers. They are light, transparent, with a laconic design that will perfectly fit into the interior of any kitchen. Plastic is easy to clean and does not absorb odors.

And we also advise you to put a container on the table or windowsill for things that are needed all the time, but should not be lying around the whole kitchen. Perfect for this plastic container in the form of a stylish basket with a lid. By the way, it can be used to store vegetables or take on a picnic. This is such a versatile item.

Getting rid of unsightly details

We figured out the storage, and the kitchen became much more comfortable. Now let’s pay attention to what spoils even the most thoughtful and beautiful interior. First, this bin. Even if you put it in the cabinet under the sink, it still constantly catches your eye. Why not replace it with a stylish counterpart? See what an interesting option we have selected. The bucket is made in the form of a tall wicker basket in neutral beige with a hinged lid. You don’t want to hide this! An economical option, the set will not only save an extra penny, but also balance the overall look of the room. Bucket more will go for large waste, and mini trash can it will fit well on a cosmetic table or in the living room on a table for napkins, cotton swabs and other trifles.

Another unsightly element of the kitchen — vegetable box. We have a good option to replace it. it mesh drawer in stylish black and yellow with handle. It looks great, ensures the safety of vegetables due to good ventilation, it is convenient to rearrange it from place to place. And if, for example, you went on a diet and decided not to buy potatoes for a while, you can simply fold the drawer and put it in a distant locker.

We change old kitchen utensils for new ones — stylish, eco-friendly, convenient

Well, now it’s time for the final transformation of the kitchen. To do this, we will get rid of the old and ugly utensils. Here everything is decided by your taste and the interior of the kitchen, but we will offer a couple of interesting options.

For example, you are going to bake a cake. How will you sift the flour? It is better to send the yellowed grandmother’s sieve to the family museum, and take something new for yourself. Here’s a good one — square sieve with high sides and strong mesh.

You can stop at the traditional round sieve with or without handle. Different body color allows you to choose a sieve for any interior.

And if you have limited space for storing kitchen utensils, buy this one compact set. There is also sieve for sifting flour and other bulk products, and two smaller strainers. They are perfect, for example, for filtering tea, compotes, fruit drinks. The sieves are nested in each other and take up very little space.

And for dessert, another interesting thing for your kitchen. If you like to pickle vegetables, you will come in handy. You will no longer need to suffer with canning and complex transportation — special plastic container lightweight, closes with a lid with latches and equipped with a comfortable handle. And it also has a colander that will separate the vegetables from the brine.

Well, your kitchen has come close to the standards of the best culinary and interior Instagram accounts. Keep transforming it with products from the MITBAH brand, and it will delight you and your loved ones with beauty, convenience and functionality!

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