Keds as an element of a basic, urban wardrobe.


Trends come and go, but there are things that stay with us year after year. Comfortable shoes do not lose their relevance. Sneakers are the very foundation that no modern girl can do without.

Shoes without a heel — it’s infinitely comfortable! But many are sure that such shoes are unfeminine and far from elegant. In this article, I will refute these claims and show you how to wear flat shoes in a stylish and beautiful way.

When choosing a pair of shoes, you should pay attention not only to its convenience and comfort, but also how many images you can collect with this pair. And here white sneakers act as a lifesaver — after all, it is this pair of shoes that will save you a headache in those moments when you want to dress comfortably and gracefully.

How to wear white sneakers?

White sneakers in combination with a well-chosen image are a real salvation for girls and women. They make you feel comfortable and stylish at the same time.

  1. Comfortable jeans that fit your body type, a straight-sleeve T-shirt or a casual top. From above, you can put on a trench coat, leather jacket or bomber jacket. Relaxed, urban style perfectly complements the headdress. It can be a cap or panama.

  • As a classic of the genre — jeans and a sweatshirt. An excellent choice for long walks.

  • Straight-cut track pants paired with a hoodie or sweatshirt for a classic yet modern sporty look.

  • Pair a pleated skirt with a sweatshirt and white sneakers. For warm days, I recommend considering the options of a sneaker with a mesh insert.
  • 5. Cotton sets of a loose fit shirt and boxer shorts will be very relevant for hot, summer days.

    Samples for office or meetings:

    6. Jacket and long Bermuda shorts combined with a top or T-shirt

    7. Linen midi length skirt with cropped jacket.

    8. Trouser suit free cut. Under the jacket, you can wear a T-shirt, or a white T-shirt.


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