How to wear a little black dress in summer 2022


There are things that never go out of fashion and never lose their relevance. Such things can easily be attributed to a classic black dress.

Have you ever wondered why this model is so popular? The answer lies on the surface. The little black dress is universal — it is equallyPerfectly suitable for every day, for work and for any festive event.

The whole secret of the classic black dress is in its minimalism and conciseness. Not in vain, the most famous and eminent fashion houses return to their favorite model again and again. By the way, this year was no exception. For example, the famous Parisian fashion house Saint Laurent, in the new 2022 collection, focused on the minimalism of the images and presented several options for the classic black dress. Designers love this model for the same reason that all the other representatives of the fair sex do — conciseness, versatility and incredible style!

How to use the trends of fashion houses in everyday life?

Today, fashion shows have become much more accessible to every girl who wants to look stylish and relevant. Before the model has time to leave the catwalk, a new style is already on sale. How not to get lost in such a variety and endless trends, but at the same time keep abreast of new trends? Let’s share some actionable tips!

  • The first is to find «your» little black dress. The Wildberries online store presents a huge number of models and options for “the very same”, classic black dress. We advise you not to chase one-day trends, but to choose the current classics, which will not go out of fashion soon. First of all, we advise you to pay attention to models with a classic universal style, such as those of Dresses.
  • Secondly, decide on the accessories that will perfectly complement your look. The basis of the image is always a dress, but what you complement and reveal the image with can always meet modern fashion needs. For example, accent brooches, rings and massive bracelets will be ideally combined with a black dress this spring-summer season. Choose the right accessory for your dress.

  • Don’t forget that a classic black dress is a wardrobe must-have. It’s no secret that capsules (collections) of 30 basic things that can be easily combined with each other are now incredibly popular. The little black dress is a model that goes perfectly with a huge number of things! Stick to this trend, which will not only help to emphasize your style, but also save your budget.
  • Fourth — remember the sense of proportion and combine in the image no more than 3 colors that you have identified for your capsule. Being different in your black dress is a skill that can be developed. It’s much easier to do this with the list of things we’ve compiled for the black dress capsule.

To truly transform a classic black dress into a versatile and beloved piece, pair it with:

  • vests of different styles and sizes;
  • classic and oversized jackets;
  • denim jackets and leather jackets;
  • cardigans of absolutely any length;
  • plain shirt.

Separately select shoes for each of the created images. A classic black dress is easy to combine with both laconic sneakers and high heels. Use this to always be different!

  • Fifth, bet on minimalism and the details of the dress itself. For example, in Dresses, we took this latest fashion trend into account and emphasized the uniqueness of the dress with a cuff and a beautiful decorative ribbon.

Restrained black dresses can rightfully be considered successful and relevant at all times. Follow our advice and choose the models that you want to wear under any circumstances.

More information about the models of the Dresses brand can be found in the store.


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