Our day begins not with a cup of aromatic coffee, but with completely different procedures. We go to the bathroom, put ourselves in order, prepare for a new day. The time spent in this room cannot be compared to anything else. Morning and evening toilet can be turned into a beautiful and aesthetic ritual by adding just a few important details to the interior.

Our task is to quickly and at low cost turn the bathroom into a beautiful room and breathe new life into the usual rituals. What is needed for this?

We remove the excess

The more small objects stand on the surfaces, the smaller and busier the already small space seems to be. Try to dismantle all exposed surfaces: the bathroom, sink, countertop, or top of the washing machine.

We remove everything superfluous either in closed cabinets, having previously thrown out everything that has not been used for more than six months, or we additionally install a plastic chest of drawers, a rack or a bookcase. Perfect fit drawer organizer on wheels from MITBAH, it has 4 capacious removable drawers of 12 liters each that slide out to get what you need, interesting hidden handles, it is ideal for narrow spaces. The rack can be moved to the sink or closer to the bathroom in order to reach the necessary at the right time. The boxes can be divided according to their purpose: in one you put decorative cosmetics, in the other all hair products, and so on. Very convenient and practical.

What you rarely use and keep in lockers can be neatly laid out in a storage organizer. It is better to choose transparent containers with several tiers in one, in order to quickly find what you need and fit everything you need. They can store personal hygiene items, varnishes and manicure products, a supply of men’s razors and other items.

Changing accessories — attention to detail

On an open surface, it is better to leave only the most necessary. Due attention should be paid to accessories.

choose beautiful liquid soap dispenser, because nowadays everyone wash their hands often, and every time your eyes will fall on this particular accessory. The dispenser also helps to save soap consumption. Use stand or a beautiful glass for toothbrushes.

It is better to update the toilet brush. This is also an interior item. Choose floor-standing so that you can replace it with a new one at any time. Take a closer look at the plastic version with a bamboo lid insert from MITBAH.

The most beautiful and suitable option for a quick update can be a set of the most necessary items in the same style «Bamboo»: soap dispenser, soap dish, glasses for toothbrushes, brush. Bamboo elements in combination with beautiful light plastic look great in the interior, ennoble it, besides everything, they are easy to care for, and they retain a decent appearance for a long time.

Adding functionality

In a real bathroom, in addition to beauty, there should also be functionality. You should be able to easily reach the right item, towels, toilet paper, and the right supplies.

To keep everything in its place, a corner shelf can be used for the shower and bath to store shampoo, gel and other items that you use every day. Everything should be at hand, you should not move it to the far corner. Choose plastic, it retains its appearance longer and does not rust from water, it is easy to wash. At MITBAHfor example, there is an option corner shelf with closed compartmentwhere it is convenient to put a razor, soap and other small items for hygiene.

Cleanliness is the key to health

Keep clean, because clutter, dust on the surface of plumbing, a dirty toilet and bathroom, splashes on a mirror in a small space play against you — they blur all the efforts spent on arranging the space.

Be sure to get a small garbage pail with a hinged lid, where you can always throw away a used tube of toothpaste, a cotton swab or a disc, and the contents of the bucket will be covered with a lid and you do not need to open it with your hand every time. There are options for compact size or larger. This will help you always keep order in the place where you spend every good morning.

Decorate space

We change the usual foundations and add more decor. The bathroom is not only a functional room, but also a beautiful space. We act in the same way as with other rooms — we hang pictures under glass in beautiful frames on the walls, family photos with vacation memories, arrange souvenirs in a marine theme, put flowers suitable for dark rooms or a vase with beautiful dried flowers.

Love yourself, organize the right space with simple necessary things, and be happy.

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