How to quickly and easily pack a gift for March 8.


How to quickly and easily pack a gift for March 8.

The main women’s holiday is approaching, so it’s time to think about gifts.

You have probably already chosen a gift for your beautiful ladies, and we will tell you how to pack it simply and quickly.

1) What we need:

· Gift

· Box

paper filler

Ribbon and wrapping paper optional.

2) Packing:

We assemble a self-assembly box.
It’s very simple, the box is ready. You don’t need to glue anything extra.

Choose filler:
The color of the filler is optional. Everything should be combined and pleasing to the eye. And instagram)))

We put the filler in the box and put the gift.
You need enough filler to fill the empty space. 50 grams of filler is enough for a 20x20x10 box.

3) Decoration.

We close the box and now you can decorate it festively. Beautifully tied with a ribbon or can even be wrapped in special holiday paper for gifts.

10 minutes and you’re done! The packaging can be ordered together with a gift for Wildberries.

Have a nice holiday!))


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