Basic wardrobe is an integral part of a person’s style. It should be universal and fit the climate, weather, lifestyle.

The main rules when compiling a wardrobe

1. Avoid sharp and colorful prints. For example, active leopard print or geometric. If it completely constitutes the base, then this will not always be appropriate and relevant. It is better to use plain, non-cutting prints.
2. Pay attention to the quality, tailoring and cut of the fabric. The classic cut is best for a basic wardrobe, as it goes with almost everything. Synthetic fabrics are best replaced with cotton, linen, cashmere.
3. New things that appear in the wardrobe should be combined with old ones. Colors and shades should complement the image, but not make it vulgar. Many stylists believe that it is better to avoid a lot of beads, decor, prints, as such things are not very suitable for the base. Clothing should be in harmony and complement the image.
4. The base must fit the type of figure. For example, if you have an hourglass figure, then you can emphasize the hips, and make the top more relaxed, wear oversized T-shirts, shirts, emphasize the waist with belts.
5. Compliance with lifestyle and field of activity. For example, a business woman wearing formal suits will not fit loose items, sweatshirts, casual style.
6. Basic things should be suitable for immediate use. Do not buy things if you plan to lose weight. Or, on the contrary, the figure is constantly changing (for example, in adolescents). It is best to buy straight-cut trousers and skirts, oversized items, voluminous T-shirts, tops, sweatshirts and hoodies.
Basic shades and colors.
7. There is no perfect color scheme. It depends on age and lifestyle. For example, shades that are too dark can add age and are not suitable for younger people. For people with dark hair or swarthy skin, purple shades, red, bright ones are ideal. For fair-haired, bluish, bed, dark shades may be suitable.
Colors do not always affect the character of a person, but they strongly affect perception. If you constantly wear black, then others may think that the person is not in the mood or is too serious. It is better to wear colder and calmer shades for work.
It is necessary to vary the wardrobe and divide it into summer and winter. Summer colors are pastels and brights. Winter colors are rich and dark.

Basic things

1. Sheath dress. Dress with a classic cut, suitable for work and for a walk. You can complement it with jewelry, shoes, accessories. Massive earrings, boats, a necklace, contrasting belts are well suited.

2. Blouse. Basic colors that are popular are plum, cream, beige. It goes well with trousers, skirts and jeans.
3. Pants. With them, you can create various variations of the image. To create a casual look, you can wear a sweatshirt or hoodie. For a classic look — a shirt, jacket, ankle boots, boots, boats, sneakers.
4. Jeans — blue, light blue, black, white, gray. It is better to avoid torn jeans, scuffs, too bright design, inserts.

5. Midi length skirt or pencil skirt. The former include skirts made of flowing fabric, classic cut, pleated. Monochromatic shades are suitable for the base — beige, cream, black. If the skirt is fitted, then you should choose a looser top.
6. Jumper / sweatshirt. Fits perfectly in both classic and sporty style. The jumper should be made of high-quality fabric — cashmere, cotton, coarse knitwear.
7. Cardigan. Suitable for pumps, but can also be worn with sneakers. Should be made from quality materials.

8. T-shirt / t-shirt. Not synthetic material. The T-shirt should be a minimalist shade, without prints and inscriptions. The best colors are white, black and beige.
9. Jacket. Bright decor and inserts should be avoided.
It is not necessary to have all these positions, you need to proceed only from what is necessary for each person, depending on his lifestyle, comfort, suitable styles, preferences and goals.

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