How to protect a child from bad weather at any time of the year?


Children’s hat with snood for spring-autumn for little heroes: hypoallergenic material (cotton) guarantees comfort and protects your child in windy cool weather. A baby hat and scarf is an indispensable thing for a child both in spring and autumn. The hat is of high quality and stylish, fits snugly to the head, closes the ears (in windy weather it does not blow into the ears), without causing discomfort when worn. Stylish neat drawing with airplanes will please your hero! There are blue and gray colors to choose from. Hat with snood for children from 2 to 10 years old, ideal at temperatures from +5 to + 15 degrees.

Doctors recommend parents: children should be dressed as themselves, plus one piece of clothing. Looking from the outside, in principle, one can agree with this rule, but when the question concerns their children, worries begin: they will suddenly freeze or overheat, get sick. And that’s okay. If everything is more or less clear with sweaters, jackets, then with hats — not always. Do I need to wear a hat at +10°C, for example? And if so, which one?

Children’s demi-season hat for a boy Bro Hats will help solve all these issues and save parents from unnecessary worries about their child. The hat is made of 100% cotton, thanks to which it will not be hot even in summer, but at the same time, this material is able to retain heat even in rather cool weather in early spring, so the little hero will always be comfortable. In addition, these children’s hats are also suitable as a headdress for girls, unisex children’s hats for spring, summer, autumn and winter.

In addition, the boy’s hat for spring has a fashionable shape, which makes it very comfortable and stylish at the same time. Little dandies can run around and fool around without feeling any discomfort.

The snood scarf that comes with the kit makes the children’s spring hat even more practical.

The word «snood» is translated as «hair net». Initially, this accessory, which came to us from the Middle Ages, really was a net with which hairstyles were fixed. Over time, he transformed into a scarf collar. In this form, he entered the modern fashion. Today it regularly appears in the collections of famous designers.

What is snood?

This headdress is called a scarf-ring and pipe. It performs a double function — a scarf and a hat.

Why fashionistas and fashionistas appreciate this stylish accessory? Firstly, for the fact that thanks to him you can keep a neat styling, without forcing yourself to freeze without a hat. Secondly, the same snood can be worn in different ways, making different looks according to your mood.

Moms also appreciated the advantages of tube scarves, finding in them a worthy alternative to children’s scarves.

Benefits of snoods.

  • Versatility. children’s snood scarves are suitable for both teenagers and preschoolers. They go to absolutely everyone. This accessory will be in harmony with overalls, and with a down coat, and with a sports jacket, and with a sheepskin coat, and with a sheepskin coat, and with any other outerwear.
  • Relevance at all times. Snoods don’t go out of fashion. This means that you are making an acquisition for more than one season.
  • Comfort. Snood will not untie during active games, as often happens with a scarf. It does not have long ends that interfere with running, rolling downhill and enjoying a walk in the fresh air.
  • Comfortable design, thanks to which the child will be able to independently cope with putting on. Such a practical model will also be appreciated by teachers in kindergarten, who sometimes have to collect 20 kids for a walk at the same time.
  • An original design that will allow the fashionista to stand out from their peers. Most children wear ordinary hats and scarves, so this accessory will attract attention.
  • Cold protection. Cotton snood perfectly retains heat and will warm the child even in windy weather. In addition, children’s snood is convenient to carry with you as spare clothes. If it gets cold outside, a backup scarf will come in handy.

The modern production of hats for children and teenagers, first of all, is focused on the maximum satisfaction of the needs of customers. According to studies, when choosing hats, children and their parents pay most of their attention to the attractive appearance of the product, and only then to its convenience, degree of protection from cold and wind, and the materials used.

Nevertheless, it is the quality of the raw materials that determines the quality of a knitted hat or a bright children’s scarf-snood. It directly depends on how long the product will last: whether it will shed and stretch after washing, whether it will retain the same richness of colors, delighting the child with its beauty, and parents with a good purchase.

Hats for children of the Bro Hats brand not only correspond to the latest trends in youth fashion, but also meet all the requirements for successful and long-term wear.

Bright, stylish, thin children’s hat Bro Hats with an interesting print — airplanes and a comfortable soft snood will appeal to every little hero and can serve as a great gift. The set is packed in a convenient branded package with a slider, so nothing wrinkles during delivery, and you get a ready-made wonderful gift for your friends and relatives.


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