How to make the perfect birthday for your princess?


It is better to start preparing for the holiday two weeks in advance. Until this time, you need to decide on a gift, as well as the date of the holiday.

14-10 days before birthday.

Discuss with your daughter how she sees her holiday. Young children are usually interested in something specific: cartoons, toys that they want to see at their holiday. Older girls pay more attention to something aesthetic, in the style of «Instagram», so that they get beautiful photos, and everything around them shone and shone. In any case, in future plans, start from the preferences of the child.

Then it’s up to the choice of location. Children’s birthdays are rarely held in cafes or restaurants. Summer is more outdoors, at other times of the year you can rent a loft, go to the game center, where there is a birthday room, or invite guests home.

10-7 days before birthday.

Time to discuss the guest list. If you wish, you can prepare invitations. Today, more and more often they are limited to an invitation by phone or via instant messengers. To do this, you can pile a beautiful picture, if possible. Indicate the name of the invitee, the event itself, the date, time and place where you want to come.

Cake order. This can be done earlier if you order from a famous confectionery and are not sure that you will have time to place an order by the desired date. When choosing a filling, try to avoid highly allergenic foods: honey, citrus fruits, peanuts, hazelnuts and other nuts. And do not forget about the taste preferences of the birthday girl.

Think over the design of the room and order decorations. From the simple, you can decorate the table, decorate the photo zone with balls and garlands, present a cake with beautiful candles.

Table decoration. A self-organized birthday is often associated with a mountain of dishes after the holiday. Make your life easier. Now they make excellent disposable tableware that can fit into the design style. MF Search offer plates, glasses and napkins with the same print in a fashionable shade of rose gold with the inscription happy day (happy day).

Plates are resistant to moisture, temperature and mechanical stress. Such dishes are suitable for serving cold and hot appetizers, main dishes, desserts.

The cups are made of thick cardboard, which does not get wet and does not wrinkle, does not leave marks on food and drinks. You can drink both cold and hot drinks from them.

No celebration is complete without napkins. Beautiful napkins can serve the table at the beginning of the holiday. Made of thick quality paper, they effectively absorb moisture, do not paint hands, are environmentally friendly and easy to use. Glitter print won’t leave marks on food or drinks.

Photo zone. Today, not a single meeting of friends can do without a photo, let alone the holidays. Guests will be pleased to take a picture with the birthday girl and share the picture on social networks. Stop at a simple but stylish option — beautiful balloons. Many beautiful helium-filled balloons in an armful look great. In addition, after the birthday, they can be distributed to guests as a souvenir.

Rain can be used as a background. Now there are wide beautiful jewelry that look stylish and expensive. The color, of course, is still the same rose gold. Rain 2 meters long and 1 meter wide is made of a thin polymer film, which is durable, does not cling to clothes, keeps its shape and color well. Decor is reusable. Recommend to buy multiple packs for curtain density.

Let the inflatable garland «Happy Birthday» be the center of the composition. Like the tableware, it is a beautiful shade of rose gold. The garland can be filled with air, the letters are connected to each other with a ribbon or a dense thread. The length of the entire garland in one row is about 4 meters, if desired, you can divide it into two rows.

Complement the composition with balls on the sides. On two sides of the garland, you can put two identical sets of balls. Other kits can be used to decorate walls, simply spread out on the floor for children’s games, and also tied to chairs. Bright latex balloons are made of elastic natural material that stretches well and keeps its shape.

Cake addition. Beautiful candles for the cake are no less important than the dessert itself. It is believed that the cake is the main treat at a birthday party, so its decoration should be appropriate. In the theme of existing accessories, you can order pink gold-colored candles. They come with holders, so that paraffin does not get on the treat.

7-5 days before birthday

Consider entertainment. Will it be an invited specialist, or independent animation? On a hot day, you can buy soap bubbles for children, inflate and pop them to your heart’s content. You can also arrange a children’s disco. Or peep on tik tok which contests are trending right now. Don’t forget to stock up on props if needed.

If you haven’t thought about the birthday girl’s outfit yet, it’s time to do it!

5-3 days before birthday

Menu. Usually includes an appetizer, main course and dessert. Dessert was discussed above. See if it will be convenient for you to cook on your own or will it be easier to order everything for delivery? Or is it possible to invite catering to also have time to relax?

3-1 day before birthday

Call the guests on the list to find out how many guests to cook or order food for. If you plan to bring animators to the holiday, you can also remind them of yourself. Go through the shopping list again, buy more if you didn’t have time to do something.

Enjoy the holiday and the happy smile of your princess. You did it!


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