It’s cold and damp outside — it’s time to get into a hot bath. You relax in gentle foam, warmth envelops you, and now you are already warmed up, but it’s time to go out. What are you doing — looking for slates with your foot? Are you stepping on a tiled floor or a rubber mat? All this is not very pleasant, even if familiar.

Right time, right place: cotton foot mat

When people stay in hotels, they treat hotel textiles differently than they do at home — they can even lay a towel on the floor by the bath to make it pleasant to step on a dry bare foot. At home, even those who are used to pampering themselves are unlikely to do this. But there is an option no worse in terms of comfort and much more acceptable in terms of everyday life than a towel on the floor — this is a thick cotton rug.

One of the important properties of cotton, for which it is loved, in addition to naturalness, is the ability to perfectly absorb water. Stepping on a 100% cotton mat, you simultaneously wipe your feet and even give them a little massage — this is provided by a relief pattern in the form of heels.

Compared to a regular towel, a cotton rug is thicker and water-resistant, which means you don’t have to wipe as much around the bathtub. You can wash it as often as you want: this thing is not painted, but dries, unlike many of its cotton counterparts, rather quickly.

Gift set of towels

Towels are usually given to people from the closest circle — so it’s worth choosing the best you can find. To make the surprise pleasant, take a closer look at the interior of the bathroom of a loved one. It is desirable that towels fit into it: home textiles are almost always a large and noticeable part of the decor.

Patrik Sayli towel sets are good because they are made in neutral colors close to natural colors; They are almost universal in color and go with a lot of things. Warm sandy color will warm and enliven a minimalist bathroom, fit like a native in a Provence-style interior and ennoble Soviet eclecticism.

You can also give yourself a set of towels. A 50×90 towel will work for hands and face, and 70×140 will be a great option to wrap yourself in after a bath or after a bath.

Both towels are easy to care for: they can be machine washed, they dry quickly, and you will want to share the pleasure of using them.

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